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July 30, 2021

Top Quiz Examples to Increase Engagement

Marketing Team

Brands that implement product recommendation quizzes have the advantage of getting first-party data on their consumers. Being able to closely connect and help guide one through the buying process allows for greater connections.

Below are some of the most entertaining and engaging product quizzes that are being used today. Beauty, health, and everyday products are mostly featured in this because these industries are much more focused on individual preferences. Since consumer preferences vary, each product quiz generates recommendations based on each individual.

Trust is one of the most important building blocks between a brand and its consumers. Building consumer trust at scale can often be a challenge. Through product quizzes and continuous connection with consumers, loyalty will grow. As loyalty grows, consumers’ confidence will grow as well. If a consumer feels confident and trusts who they are buying from, they will be eager to purchase again in the future.

Now, let’s dive into some of the top product recommendation quizzes!

NARS Beauty Quizzes

Nars was able to work with Jebbit to create multiple product quizzes for different makeup products. Some examples of these quizzes were a lipstick finder, a blush finder, and a ‘mastering one’s complexion’ quiz. Cosmetics and makeup are very specific to one person. For Nars, these quizzes are crucial in receiving accurate information from their consumers.

Before Jebbit, Nars was using transactional data to understand their consumers. As they started to see that they did not give the best representation of their consumers, they switched to a more data-driven strategy.

Nars VP of Global Marketing, Jennifer Jackson said, “Ultimately, the goal is to continue to bring people back to and have them interact with the brand. We hope that by delivering a fun, gamified type of quiz in providing a recommendation, they’ll see the value in opting into our [email and social] communications”

Nars found that consumers were eager to participate and engage in the quizzes.  NARS quickly saw in the short-term they had great personalized recommendations and in the long term there was areas for follow-up communications with their consumers.

Check out the Complexion Finder Quiz by NARS

Warby Parker – Frames Quiz

Warby Parker is an eyewear company that produces all different types of high-quality eyeglasses and sunglasses. Warby Parker’s frame quiz allows consumers to get the best eyeglasses to shape their face and indicate preferences on color and material.

Warby Parker allows consumers to order 5 different glasses shapes to try on at home and return free of charge. The frames quiz helps give consumers the confidence that they’re selecting the right pairs for their at-home try-on. Finding the right glasses shape for your face can be difficult, but Warby Parker makes it fun and easy!

As Warby Parker gains data on their consumers they can have a better idea of which glasses someone is more likely to buy over others. They can also understand consumer preferences when it comes to material and even where consumers live.

Take a look at the Frames Finder Quiz

Sephora Fragrance Finder

Sephora has a huge selection of beauty products, including hair, makeup, and fragrances. To help consumers navigate their wide variety of products, Sephora has different quizzes for foundation, hair type, and gift guides.

Fragrances are just one of the many products where product recommendations come in handy for consumers while they shop. Fragrances are incredibly personal and a defining feature for many consumers, making finding the perfect one essential.

For Sephora, gaining knowledge about consumers’ lifestyles lets them better engage with and understand their consumers. The data Sephora collects on their consumers keeps them more connected to the brand and improves loyalty.

Declared data allows companies to only show certain ideas and products that a consumer might like. Understanding preferences allows Sephora to better serve its consumers from the first engagement.

Check out this Fragrance Finder by Sephora

Yankee Candle – Find Your Scent

Candles are another product that is different for each consumer, with preferences based not just on personal preference, but also on factors like where someone lives or what room in their house they are looking to enhance with a candle. Yankee Candle worked with Jebbit to create a quiz that recommends the perfect scent for each consumer.

The quiz collects first-party data to better understand where their consumers might live and what their lifestyle is like. From this quiz, Yankee candle can better connect with consumers and engage with them in different ways. This focus on engagement was very important for Yankee Candle to understand their consumers and know for the future where they are moving with their company.

Jebbit and Yankee Candle created two quizzes: “Find Your Scent” and “Fragrance Flight Quiz.” Both of these quizzes allow consumers to get a better understanding of what type of candle they might want to purchase.

Take a look at the Find Your Scent Quiz

Bliss Skincare Quiz

Bliss skincare was able to work with Jebbit because they wanted to better understand their consumers and we’re looking to change their brand identity. Bliss used Jebbit to create multiple quizzes for  skincare preferences and pain points. They even launched a fun  vitamin C knowledge quiz. Another beneficial aspect of completing these quizzes was that consumers received a discount when they were completed.

Bliss saw tremendous results since partnering with Jebbit. Overall Bliss saw a 34% increase for on-site lead captures, 167% increase in email open rates and a 25X increase in swipes on Instagram.  As a result, the brand has increased overall consumer engagement and satisfaction by increasing personalized product recommendations.

Just like the previous brand quizzes highlighted, consumer loyalty is very important in skincare.. Consumers want to find something they love and always go back to it. Bliss’s new access to declared/zero-party data allows the brand to understand their market and adopt new advertising for them.

Since working with Jebbit, Bliss has seen an instant increase across all of its platforms. There was a 25X increase in swipes on Instagram as well as a 167% increase in email open rates.

Sr. Manager Gabriela Cruz said, “Working with Jebbit, we were able to create a branded and very engaging experience to get these answers from our consumers that we wanted, but in a playful and relatable way that feels very on-brand for us.”

Check out the Best Face Forward Quiz here

There you have it! These are some of the top product recommendation quizzes from some incredible brands. Feeling inspired? Sign-up for Jebbit today and start building your first quiz!

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