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Top eCommerce Experiences of 2020

Watch to learn how key brands across different industries adapted to this whirlwind year, and powered more personalized experiences.

We can all agree that 2020 was a year like none other.

With so many challenges and roadblocks affecting brands across all different industries, eCommerce marketers faced the particularly challenging obstacle of maintaining consumer’s attention, while also recognizing the reality of the world we all live in.

Despite the many ups and downs, we thought we’d celebrate surviving one of the craziest years in history by highlighting some of our amazing clients.

These are some of the many brands who persevered in order to adapt to this whirlwind year, and power more personalized experiences!

Without further adieu, here are (in no particular order), some of team Jebbit’s Top eCommerce Experiences of 2020:

The Honest Company – Virtual Baby Shower

In a fun twist on the standard gift finder, The Honest Company created this fully branded gift finder specifically for baby showers.

Whether the consumer is buying for a friend, family member, or themselves, this gift finder asks a few simple questions to recommend the best options based on the answers given.

The best part? Consumers are recommended a few different choices to help add some variety, as well as a coupon code to put towards their purchase.

Check out the full experience and nomination below:

National Football League (NFL) – Draft 2020 

The NFL launched a series of interactive experiences throughout the 2020 NFL Draft in order to increase audience engagement and add an extra level of excitement around the event.

Below, you’ll see the nomination for the post-NFL Draft experience, which encourages fan participation and feedback on the Draft as a whole.

The NFL was able to collect key lead capture data at the end of the experience in order to drive continued engagement and communications in the future. 

Plus, in an effort to support current events, fans were encouraged to support COVID-19 relief through an opt-in donation option.

Check out the full experience here:



The beauty industry faced a uniquely challenging obstacle this year by having to shift to a primarily digital selling model.

For an industry heavily reliant on testing, sampling, and researching products before purchasing, Bliss looked to amp up their ability to inform and educate consumers.

The brand launched this Vitamin C knowledge quiz in an effort to educate consumers on a new product line and increase their confidence in purchasing the best products based on their skin type.

Check out the nomination and full experience here:


Charming Charlie

Shopping online for accessories can be overwhelming, especially when there’s so many options to choose from!

Charming Charlie sought to simplify online shopping with this holiday gift finder. With this experience, consumers can knock out all of their gift shopping in a matter of minutes by answering just a few key questions.

Check out the full experience and nomination here:


Leon & George

Leon & George is a premium eCommerce plant shop that was looking to help guide consumers through the online plant shopping experience with greater ease.

They created a plant finder quiz that is perfect for veteran plant parents, or those looking to exercise their green thumb.

By answering just a few key questions, consumers receive a personalized recommendation just for them, which saves time and energy from scrolling through the entire product catalog.

Check out the full experience and nomination here:


Signature Hardware

Home decor brand signature hardware was looking to not only recommend new products to consumers, but also infusing some more inspiration into the online shopping experience.

By launching a “How Should You Style Your Home?” quiz via Pinterest, Signature Hardware was able to provide consumers with the best of both worlds with inspiration and fully personalized Pinterest boards with their recommendations.

Check out the full experience and nomination here:


There you have it!

Here are a few of the MANY experiences our consumers launched in 2020.

Looking to launch your own experience? 


Published December 18, 2020

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