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December 18, 2020

Top eCommerce Experiences of 2020

Watch to learn how key brands across different industries adapted to this whirlwind year, and powered more personalized experiences.

Brianna Conley

We can all agree that 2020 was a year like none other.With so many challenges and roadblocks affecting brands across all different industries, eCommerce marketers faced the particularly challenging obstacle of maintaining consumer’s attention, while also recognizing the reality of the world we all live in.Despite the many ups and downs, we thought we’d celebrate surviving one of the craziest years in history by highlighting some of our amazing clients.These are some of the many brands who persevered in order to adapt to this whirlwind year, and power more personalized experiences!Without further adieu, here are (in no particular order), some of team Jebbit’s Top eCommerce Experiences of 2020:

The Honest Company - Virtual Baby Shower

National Football League (NFL) - Draft 2020 


Charming Charlie

Leon & George

Signature Hardware

Looking to launch your own experience? 

Brianna Conley

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