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March 1, 2024

Top 5 Takeaways from the Jebbit Winter 2024 Product Release Webinar

We recently had the privilege to host an enlightening conversation with some of our stellar product team: Jon Sussman, Brendan Moore, and Chad Agozzino. They highlighted some key feature releases so far this year as well as what they are excited about on our roadmap. While the entire session was an informative treat, we have distilled the conversation into five key takeaways that deserve your attention.

Brittany Gulla
Director of Growth Marketing

1. Introducing the 'Email Embed' feature

Brendan introduced us to an innovative feature called 'Email Embed'. This powerful tool aims to maximize customer engagement through emails. The tool integrates seamlessly with various email marketing platforms, which Brendan illustrated via Klaviyo. Brendan demonstrated a practical quiz scenario showing how the feature could redefine email engagements. Read more about this feature and see a video tutorial here.

2. Adding a Twist with the 'Spinner'

A discussion about gamification led us to Chad's presentation of the 'Spinner'. This feature brings an element of fun into experiences, positioning itself as a handy tool for giveaways, sweepstakes, discount sharing, and interactive engagement. Chad emphasized that brands could use the spinner to create delightful experiences, whether employing it to suggest ideas, recipes, or tailoring its color and panel to resonate with the brand's image. Chad also revealed future plans to add the potential to cap panel lands and produce specific screens based on the landing result. To read more about this feature and see a video tutorial click here.

3. Usability Improvements: A New Look and Feel

Jon brought to light the efforts to enhance the usability of our solution. The entire application and the builder were given a fresh, modern look, complete with updated colors for a more intuitive experience. Navigation has been improved significantly, making it easy not merely to switch between parent navigations, but also within the builder itself. Jon also demonstrated the utility of undo and redo functionalities in the builder, providing more control to the users.

4. Efficient and Intuitive Builder

Our builder tool has undergone a major facelift, replete with new features and a smoother user experience. The upgraded builder allows users to click between screens, chucking the need to return to the builder map—cutting down the build and launch time by approximately 40%. With nifty features like auto-save, undo/redo, add, copy, and remove screens, it's indeed a game-changer. Jon teased us with upcoming features, such as rules-based branching, multiple questions on a screen, and free form positioning – code for a grander, more flexible builder experience in the future!

5. Lead Capture – A Matter of Timing

During the Q&A portion of the webinar, the topic of when and where to place lead capture for an optimal experience came up. The team noted that placement of lead capture modules depends immensely on the content and purpose of the experience. An upfront lead capture may generate more leads initially, but could also lead to a lower completion rate for experiences. Thus, striking the right balance could be key in optimizing your engagement strategy.

In conclusion, our the webinar underscored the features and improvements in our product, spanning from email embeds to a revamped builder, gamification elements, and thoughtful lead captures. As we continue to enhance our product, we encourage customers to reach out for product roadmap sessions and Q&A, ensuring that Jebit evolves to serve you better!

Watch the Winter 2024 Product Release webinar on demand HERE.

Brittany Gulla
Director of Growth Marketing

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