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May 12, 2022

Social Partners

Living in today's world where social media has become ingrained in most people's everyday lives, companies had no choice but to evolve. Whether that may be launching an app for their brand, or being mobile user friendly to keep their customers satisfied, being social media savvy has become a necessity.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

The beauty about Jebbit is that it can be launched anywhere, including all of the social platforms that we as marketers, and our customers/prospects use on a daily basis. And speaking of beauty, this is all made even more beautiful because for many years now, Jebbit has maintained official partnerships with Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter!

To celebrate, we thought it would be fun to enlighten you with our favorite Jebbit experiences that are launched on our partner's social platforms, as well as some of the others that we all know and love so well.



Inspired by a recent surge in searches and sales for home renovation projects during the past year on Pinterest, IKEA wanted to inspire consumers and help bring the feel of their favorite destinations right to the home. The team worked with Jebbit, Wavemaker and Ogilvy to launch “IKEA Renovations” – a quick, interactive online tool that creates a custom Pinterest board based on your interests and tastes, so you can shop IKEA items and design your dream room with ease. 

Using a first of its kind Chatbot-to-Board functionality, the three-question quiz discovered your personality through dream vacation destinations instantly providing a curated Pinterest board tailored to your tastes, IKEA product recommendations that you can shop right from the site. 

The chatbot-to-board experience proved extremely successful with a 58% board generation rate (compared to 41% benchmark), resulting in almost 5k boards and 93.4k Pins created.

Click HERE to see the IKEA Quizbot experience on Pinterest!


As we bake at home more, it’s easier to get stuck in the same complacent recipe routine. As part of Betty Crocker’s campaign, the brand rebooted its classic recipes with a new twist. Introducing Recipe Roulette, a fun way to ‘gamify’ the task of finding a new recipe.

How it works: At home chefs are prompted to:

1) Select an event 

2) Choose a Pinterest trend 

3) Hit ‘Spin’ button 

Pre-selected Pins spin in a ‘slot machine’ style randomizer until the dials stop to show 2 different recipes based on quiz criteria. Users can select a recipe to view step-by-step instructions or hit the ‘Spin Again’ button to be served more recipe ideas.

Give it a try! Click HERE for the Betty Crocker experience through Pinterest.


Tweet twice if you love Twitter as much as we do! Jebbit powers Twitter's lead-generation ads and this powerful platform offers 20+ additional ad-product options so that businesses can showcase their media and content in the most effective format - strategically mapped to campaign objectives and marketing goals to maximize results. Here's some awesome Jebbit experiences on Twitter that we love:

1. DraftKings Casino - If you want to better understand your target audience while also capturing new leads, then a Jebbit lead-gen experience on Twitter like this DraftKings one is a surefire bet!

Check out the DraftKings Casino experience on Twitter HERE.

2. Ford Canada - Have you ever looked at a new vehicle and thought to yourself: "Wow, that looks awesome! But which model is right for me?" The Ford Canada team obviously knew consumers would be asking themselves the same thing with their new Maverick truck line, so they used Jebbit to launch a "What Kind of (Maverick) Truck Are You?" quiz on Twitter to make it even easier for prospective buyers to narrow down their choice.

Take a look at Ford's Jebbit Quiz on Twitter to find out which Maverick Truck you are!


"Snapchat ads are full-screen, immersive and engaging ads that drive action." Well gee, that sounds a heck of a lot like Jebbit's quizzes and experiences doesn't it? There's no question that Jebbit and Snap go together like Ghostface Chillah and that oh-so-recognizable Snapchat Pantone yellow. As users engage on Snapchat, they can swipe-up on any ad and immerse themselves in a Jebbit webview experience right within the app. Plus, at the end of any Jebbit quiz/experience on Snap, brands can make their ads pop even more by including the option to unlock custom Filters and Lenses - amplifying any ad's reach as users share with their friends!

Here's a quick snapshot featuring some of our favorite Jebbit experiences on Snapchat to-date:

1. Snachat's Creative Council Asks "Hey, You Good?" - Nothing else for us to say other than highly encouraging our readers to learn more about this campaign RIGHT HERE.

2. The Bachelorette on ABC - We feel compelled to publicly share that we recently learned of an underground group of Jebbit employees that loves The Bachelorette so much...they've created their own competition game (akin to fantasy football) for each new season. Now that we've got that off our chest, it only made sense that we celebrated our team members by sharing this awesome Bachelorette game from ABC on Snapchat!

Cast your predictions HERE to see how you stack up!

3. Amazon Prime Video (Hotel Transylvania Transformania) - How well do you know Hotel Transylvania?

No, seriously. How well do you know Hotel Transylvania? FIND OUT HERE when you take this awesome Snapchat quiz from Amazon Prime Video - just like the thousands of Snapchatters did to get ready for the new release of Hotel Transylvania Transformania!

META (Facebook)

Meta ads are seen by the average consumer every single day, some are irrelevant, and some might actually be of interest. Our friends over at Pepsi took advantage of Jebbits ability to engage and entertain consumers through a personality quiz and also capture valuable zero-party data. The other good news is that it is being advertised on Meta and is not your typical ad, this is an ad that will lead you to the quiz for an enjoyable Meta experience.

Curious to check it out? Click HERE to take Pepsi's personality quiz.


As you're doing your daily scroll through TikTok, you'll not only be able to find the latest videos that went viral, but you'll also be able to find the Burt's Bees Product Match Quiz. Advertised through one of the world's trendiest apps, users are able to receive recommendations of skincare products based on their responses to Burt's Bees Product Match Quiz.

Click HERE to see it on TikTok!

And there you have it! Our favorite experiences that launched on our partner's social platforms. To make one of these engaging, entertaining and valuable quizzes for your own brand, click here to schedule a strategy call and we'll get you started.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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