Customer Stories

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Drives 9X Email Click-Through Rates with Jebbit

By capturing declared data on traveler preferences, Regent executed a personalized campaign that saw 2X open rates and a 9X CTR.

The Challenge

For Regent’s marketing success, personalization is critical. However, they lacked the data to achieve this and powering personalized experiences proved to be a challenge.

The marketing team relied on surveys with low response rates to capture travelers’ feedback. These did not deliver the quality and scale of data Regent required to achieve the personalization their customers expected.

The Solution

Regent’s marketing team launched an interactive “This or That” Jebbit mobile experience where travelers could choose between various options to build the perfect Alaskan cruise.

With each response, Regent learned about customers’ interests and motivations, including excursion preferences and travel companions.

Upon completion of the experience, travelers received a personalized follow-up email with unique subject lines, content, and offers based on their individual outcomes.

The Results

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