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Case Study
May 17, 2022

Prima Case Study

Founded in 2018, Prima is on a mission to uplift science and nature to advance health and cultivate wellbeing by showing people the power of Hemp. Prima is about optimizing your own potential and hemp has been a universal wellness tool for over 30 years that helps people feel better in their own bodies.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

Prima designs and innovates their products with not only high quality and the finest ingredients, but they also focus on creating easy solutions that fit into people's busy lives. They are bridging the gap between healthcare and wellness. A core value of Prima is that they are of service to people and their products help manage daily stress in people's lives. Prima embodies the ME-Commerce ethos by always putting their customers first. 

Prima set out to create an engaging,  personal, and educational digital experience for their consumers - and one that also helped them better understand their consumer’s preferences, needs, and more by collecting  zero-party data. While educating customers on the value of their products was a top priority, Prima also wanted to make their customers feel heard, connected and immersed in the Prima brand. To achieve these goals, Prima first asked themselves: What information would be of value to the customer to make their purchase decision as simple as possible?

Once they started using Jebbit, this crucial question was answered, along with many more relevant questions to help consumers find solutions and products to overcome their main challenges. Partnering with Jebbit quickly helped to alleviate any concerns related to customers struggling to find the right product(s) based on their specific needs and goals. By leveraging Jebbit’s intuitive ‘No-Code” platform, Prima created an immersive experience that they embedded directly on their website to engage site visitors. Their CBD Regimen Quiz makes users feel as if they’re having a real conversation as they go down unique and personalized journeys based on their specific answers.


With their CBD Regimen Quiz, Prima continues to see great results, for example: 

- 76% of users who start the quiz, complete it

- 63% of users who complete the quiz submit lead information

- 25% of users click-through to the Prima website to shop recommended products

“We have the personality quiz through Jebbit that enables a consumer to go through this journey to find a product that solves their needs. The Me-Commerce is the wave of the future of how consumers want to be treated.”  - Teri Levy 

Prima also takes advantage of the zero-party data they collect using Jebbit by re-targeting unique audiences with relevant messaging and ads based on self-declared data provided as users engage with the Jebbit experience.

Most marketers would agree that personalization is foundational to their marketing strategy and programs. But here’s the kicker: 85% of marketers say that zero-party data is critical to creating effective personalized experiences.

And to continue more relevant, personalized experiences, Prima is able to take the zero-party data they collect using Jebbit and make it actionable by passing it directly into Klaviyo, enabling Prima to orchestrate personalized email and SMS campaigns, as well as ongoing cross-channel engagement.

Ready to deliver genuine value and build meaningful customer relationships? Simply book your free zero-party data consultation today! BOOK NOW.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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