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Case Study
December 3, 2020

60-Second Story: Pour Moi Skincare and Jebbit

As a challenger brand, Pour Moi was looking for a way to educate consumers on their state of the art technology, while standing out in a competitive market.

Brianna Conley

Pour Moi is the world’s first climate-smart skincare brand that creates specialty products based on the climate where their consumers live. As a challenger brand, Pour Moi was looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and introduce their climate-smart technology to the masses.

Pour Moi partnered with Jebbit to create a Climate Smart Skincare Quiz that makes finding the best skincare products quick and easy. Together,  Pour Moi and Jebbit have:

  • Educated consumers about Climate-Smart Skincare.
  • Assisted consumers so they can find the best skincare products within seconds.
  • Increased consumer buying confidence and average cart size.

And that’s not all….Pour Moi was recently named a 2020 Top Innovation by Time Magazine. We are proud to have played a small part in their success story.

Check out the full 60-Second Story below to learn more!

Brianna Conley

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