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Case Study
October 16, 2020

Switzerland Tourism, Pinterest, and Jebbit Inspire Consumers to Plan Their Next Trip

Learn how Switzerland Travel tapped into key markets across Europe and inspired consumers to dream about their future travel destinations.

Brianna Conley

The Challenge

Switzerland Tourism was looking to keep people inspired and empowered them to dream about their future vacations in Switzerland and especially Swiss Cities, all while encountering a global pandemic that brought travelling to a stand still.

The Solution

Switzerland Tourism looked to Pinterest as a means of increasing engagement and providing consumers with travel inspiration. Through the Jebbit integration on Pinterest, Switzerland Travel created a first-of-its-kind Pin Extension that combined a quiz-to-board with a lead generator experience that inspired Pinners to dream.

After seeing a promoted Pin in their feed, Pinners were driven into a dynamic experience where they could evaluate their ideal vacation scenario in Switzerland – be it in a Swiss city or in the Swiss mountains.

Switzerland Tourism and Pinterest's Jebbit Experience

While they were not able to travel at that time, this inspired them to ‘dream’ about their future vacation, at the same time an automatically generated board full of their personal travel choices was directly saved to their profile.

At the end of the quiz, Pinners were asked to provide their email address to be entered into a sweepstake to win a weekend getaway. Then, Switzerland Tourism was able to notify Pinners individually on travel possibilities and inspire them for future getaways like instant swiss city trips.

The Results

This Extension and its Pins were built in 4 languages and ran across 5 markets in Europe and the campaign achieved an 80% completion rate. The integration enabled Switzerland Travel to tap into key markets across Europe and inspire consumers to dream about their future travel destinations.

Brianna Conley

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