One More Thanks: Thanksjebbing Recap

Last Friday, November 14th, Jebbit hosted the firm’s largest event of the year, Thanksjebbing, to showcase appreciation for the remarkable supporters who made the past few years of start-up success and growth possible. The night of food, drink, music, and good company mixed investors, clients, advisors, family, and friends. Here we take a moment to reflect, give thanks once more, and recap the most memorable parts of the journey and the evening.


Thanksjebbing kicked-off at 5pm with a professional mixer, transitioned into classic Friday Night Shenanigans™ with games and music around 7, and the Boston-born band, the Blue Light Bandits, took the stage from 9pm onward. VP of Accounts and Strategy, Michael Marcus reflected, “The most memorable part of the night was probably getting to see my close friends interact with clients and investors. One example was introducing my girlfriend to a client I work with every day. I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched two very different worlds collide!” Attendees ranged from board members David George and Scott Savitz, clients from KAZ and Greater Media to parents of Tom Coburn, Mikaela Ferguson, and Robert Hazel, former teammates, and tons of friends.


When the team reflected on what they were most thankful for, the theme was consistent: the people.

“Looking back over the last year I’m most thankful for the team we’ve built and the people who show up every day and work hard to build this company. We’ve really come together over the last year as we begin to really introduce Post Click Engagement to the broader digital marketing community.” – Tom Coburn, CEO

“The team- startups are a series of highs and lows and I want to thank everyone on the team for all the work they’ve put forth during the past year.” – Jonathan Lacoste, COO

“It always comes down to the people. Couldn’t be more thankful that I get to work each day with my best friends.” –Michael Marcus, VP of Accounts and Strategy

Jebbit CEO Tom Coburn, left, and Jebbit COO Jonathan Lacoste, right.

Jebbit CEO Tom Coburn, left, and Jebbit COO Jonathan Lacoste, right.

The team spent the day preparing the scene, assembling a Thanksjebbing feast, and writing thank-you notes and the night was spent enjoying the best of company.


From the set-up… 



to the party… 


to the band. 



Here’s once more to our supporters. Thank you for your steadfast help and guidance throughout the startup business cycle, during times of challenge and of triumph.


Happy Thanksjebbing!