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May 6, 2022


Round and round and round and…BACK AGAIN with another new feature release: Product Carousel (it’s not a spaceship)!

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

If you recall, you can use our Dynamic Product Feed to feature any of your hundreds or thousands of products from your inventory in a single Jebbit quiz / experience, which end-users see in either a stacked or grid interface. And while the stacked or grid layout options are great, you’re going to spin out of control when you use our brand new Product Carousel layout!

What is it?

The Product Carousel layout lets users scroll right or left right to view various products. And on mobile, they can even swipe left and right. Our Product Carousel layout has flexible design and style options, enabling your business to customize it and make it an extension of your brand. 

Just like a carousel ride on a summer day, it's a breeze to add the Product Carousel layout to any screen that contains a product feed:

Once you add the Product Catalog Container, you will be brought to a Product Catalog section of the editor where you can determine:

  1. The layout you wish to use (selecting from Carousel, Stacked or Grid options)
  2. The number of products you would like to showcase to the end consumer (you can show up to 12 products on a single screen)
  3. The dynamic elements you will pull from the product feed and display to the end consumer

Why all the talk about it not being a spaceship? Well, we’ll leave that to Don Draper to explain:

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

Jebbit Grid Decorative
Jebbit Grid Decorative
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