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April 21, 2017

Mobile, Data, & Baseball: Jebbit’s 2017 Customer Conference

Our inaugural customer conference was a lively, educational event. At Hotel Commonwealth, we had attendees listening to Jebbit clients and industry leaders.

Marketing Team

Our inaugural customer conference last week, held at the Hotel Commonwealth after a last-minute venue change (long story, involving a rained out Red Sox game), was a lively, educational event. We had nearly 100 attendees in the Hotel Commonwealth’s Fenway Ballroom listening to sessions from Jebbit clients and industry leaders.

The first three sessions featured on clients who had developed outstanding, innovative strategies. New England Revolution VP of Marketing Cathal Conlon spoke about using Jebbit to engage a mobile-only audience on Instagram. CBS Radio’s Derek Dodd focused on innovating within the Jebbit platform to create a mobile-first, data-driven sales training product. Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ Elizabeth Fettes gave everyone insights into how she keeps the feel of a luxury brand digitally with Jebbit, and how she’s built personalization into her marketing strategy.

For the second half of the day, we shifted away from case studies and into big picture strategy sessions. LifeLock’s Director of Growth, Cole Mercer, focused on how to champion your ideas, work collaboratively, and bring in new marketing technologies. Gannett’s Director of Channel Innovation and Audience Development, Brian Baker, gave an overview of the psychology of interactive content, why it works, and how it helps brands and publishers learn about their audiences. Cathay Pacific Airways’ Robecta Ma sat down with our President, Jonathan Lacoste, to discuss the ways her team has adapted to the modern traveler. To wrap things up, we had HubSpot CMO Kipp Bodnar as our keynote speaker. He gave detailed insights into the future of marketing – what we can, and should, expect.

The importance of personalization, using data right from your customers, and sustaining consumer attention on the devices they use the most emerged as key themes throughout the day.

Our CEO, Tom Coburn, President, Jonathan Lacoste, and Head of Product, Duncan Walker, released major updates to the Jebbit platform. Jonathan shared the strategy behind using Jebbit to capture declared data right from customers, Duncan revealed next generation content designed to engage consumers on mobile and match how they actually use the device, and Tom revealed our revamped Jebbit platform with advanced data capturing and machine learning capabilities.

This new data strategy is only the start of many doors to open. As someone who lives and breathes marketing, Kipp Bodnar said it best: It all comes back to one essential point – it’s not about the data itself, but how you plan on using it. Think about it, have you been using the same car for the past 5 years? Lived in the same neighborhood? Had the same job? Liked the same style of clothing? Unless you’re committing yourself to keeping updated, relevant nuggets of information about each of your customers, you’ll lose them in that chaos of old data.

We ended the day by taking the conference over to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox beat Pittsburgh Pirates, a fun end to an exciting day.

Marketing Team

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