Marketo Adds Jebbit as Official LaunchPoint Partner

Brands using Marketo can now seamlessly integrate Jebbit content & data

Boston, MA (November 29, 2016) – Jebbit, the leading mobile interactive content platform, is now an official Marketo partner.

Marketers using Marketo and Jebbit will be able to further enhance their communication with prospects and customers. Jebbit collects user-provided, first party data as a consumer interacts with custom content experiences. Marketers can then tie unique data to individuals and leverage it for advanced remarketing efforts.

“Our customers will be able to get even more out of Marketo,” Jebbit CEO Tom Coburn said. “Marketo already lets them have unparalleled communication with their customers. Now, marketers can use data captured from Jebbit content to personalize each touchpoint. They’ll be able to know that one customer likes their product for its price and the other likes it for its quality, and to talk to each customer differently.”

Jebbit’s platform creates mobile interactive content that helps brands and media companies engage and convert their audiences. The platform captures data from each consumer who engages with the content and ties it back to an individual email address, social media profile, or cell phone number. With this data, marketers can personalize each following touchpoint with customers.

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