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Case Study
November 1, 2023

LoveSeen drives a glamorous 6X lift in marketing opt-in rates with their 'Find My Lash' product recommendation quiz.

Learn how LoveSeen leverages first party data and integrated technology solutions to show customers they care deeply.

Vice President, Content & Partner Marketing


In order to build long-lasting customer relationships, LoveSeen knew that first, they needed a way to better understand the people visiting their website in order to make informed, 1:1 product recommendations.

And once customers made a purchase, LoveSeen wanted to make certain their subsequent communications were not just personalized, but relevant.


To achieve their first objective, LoveSeen partnered with Jebbit to build a beautiful, ‘Find My Lash’ quiz.

Featured prominently on their website homepage, LoveSeen’s quiz asks users about their eye shape, the look they’re going for, their experience in using fake lashes, and where they’re wearing them. At the end of the quiz, users are asked to submit their first name, email, and phone number. But the real beauty is how transparent LoveSeen is about how they’ll use the data that users provide.

To make the most of the first-party data they collect from users taking the quiz... LoveSeen sends it directly into Attentive, a Jebbit technology partner, to power hyper-relevant emails and SMS messages like lash tutorials, for example.


LoveSeen has seen some seriously stunning results since partnering with Jebbit and Attentive! 35% of visitors to the LoveSeen website interact with the quiz and 47% of users who interact, opt-in to receive ongoing marketing communications. But when it comes to opt-in's, here's the real story:

LoveSeen's 'Find My Lash' quiz is powering a 6X lift in their communications opt-in rate from users who take the quiz versus users who opt-in via LoveSeen's website subscriber pop-up!

Plus, their quiz is driving a 60% increase in online conversion rates from users who take the ‘Find My Lash’ quiz. And finally, LoveSeen is seeing a 100% lift in email open rates and click-through rates from the personalized communications they're sending to thoughtfully segmented groups in their database.

"We don’t take it for granted if our customers want to share their information with us or give us feedback, and we want them to know we hear them. We’re humans on the other side too and we’re thoughtful about how we communicate with them so we can help them." - Molly Garraway, Managing Director, LoveSeen

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This is a true story about fake lashes. We like all kinds of beauty. Big beauty, little beauty, lite beauty, nite beauty.

We make lashes to wear on big days, like Tuesdays. We love a natural look but we're not mad at a full beat.

We're an equal opportunity lash provider.

Vice President, Content & Partner Marketing

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