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Case Study
May 4, 2022

Local Eclectic Case Study

Emerging Designers. Unique & Accessible Jewelry. Women Founded, Women Run. This is the business that Local Eclectic founder Alexis Nido-Russo set out to build in 2013, in an effort to showcase her favorite designers and their unique jewelry collections with the rest of the world.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

Today, Local Eclectic continues to be a dependable online presence for shoppers to discover the most talented, emerging jewelry designers globally. The brands that Alexis and her team carries are 94% women founded/owned!

To continue on their mission, Local Eclectic set out to discover the best possible way to connect directly with their consumers, build trustworthy relationships, and help them find the perfect jewelry for themselves and the people they were shopping for. Then, they met Jebbit.

Jebbit’s no-code platform enabled Local Eclectic to efficiently build consumer-first quizzes and digital experiences that captured zero-party data and added a powerful layer to their marketing strategy. To start, Local Eclectic created and launched a Product Match Quiz on their website and within minutes, shoppers who engaged were matched to their perfect engagement ring. Whether they were the one who would be wearing it or, were the one popping the question, their one-of-a-kind quiz continues to help shoppers find their ideal ring. Both an experience and a jewel they’ll never forget.

Using Jebbit, The Local Eclectic Product Match Quiz produced the below results:

  • 93% of users who engaged completed the quiz
  • 44% of users who completed the quiz also submitted their lead information, enabling Local Eclectic to capture more qualified leads, enriched with zero-party data
  • 34% of users who completed clicked-through to shop the ring they were recommended

Curious to give it a shot and achieve the same success? Click here to schedule a strategy call with a Jebbit expert.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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