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April 8, 2019

Letter from the Co-Founders: What Led to Jebbit’s Series B

As Jebbit announces our Series B, our co-founders look at where we've come from and where we're going.

Tom Coburn

Dear Jebbit Customers,

First and foremost, Thank You. Thank you for believing in us and in our shared vision. Thank you for always pushing us to be better, and for sharing your honest feedback about how our partnership can improve. Thank you for taking a risk on a small, early-stage company, and trusting us to deliver for you.

It is with great excitement and gratitude that we are able to announce today that we’ve closed our Series B round of funding. The $12M we just raised will go directly into product development and growing our team so that we can bring even more value to you and your business. We couldn’t be more fired up to have the opportunity to continue working together, redefining both your data strategy and the strategies of the many other companies who see the value and importance of declared data.

Right now is an exciting time to be a consumer. We have so many choices, so much content to always consume, right at our fingertips. Conversely, the plethora of choice and short attention spans of consumers make it really hard to be a marketer.

When we started Jebbit, we were laser focused on helping create a better, more genuine, more natural way for brands to engage consumers. We understood that consumers’ attention spans were getting shorter and shorter, and that the brands who innovated to produce interactive experiences that offer a real value exchange to consumers would ultimately win. Not only did we find that these experiences did in fact drive a deeper, more trusting brand-consumer relationship, together we unlocked the power of declared data.

Since launching our declared data platform in April of 2017, we’ve collectively proven the concrete value that can come from a declared data strategy. We’ve proven how willing consumers are to share real data about themselves when approached in a thoughtful, understanding way. We’ve proven how willing they are to share data about their interests, preferences, motivations, and intents. Most importantly, we’ve proven that this data is the most accurate and valuable data source in your data warehouse when activated.

Regulations are forcing brands to re-think their use of data from a consumer’s point of view. GDPR, CCPA, and similar legislation require brands to re-evaluate what data they are capturing, how they are acquiring it, and what they do with it. When we started creating our first declared data strategies, it wasn’t driven by any regulation—we simply felt engaging your customers and asking them the things you wanted to know would produce a better business outcome and long-term customer relationship. You understood that early, and now regulation is confirming that not only is it a better strategy, it’s the right thing to do.

The work you have put in with Jebbit over the past two years is paving the path forward for other brands. You’ve proven that you can get the data you need without going around consumers’ backs. Yes, it does take a bit more work to proactively get consumers to explicitly provide their data, but what we’ve proudly proven with so many of you is that it is indeed a better brand experience for the consumer and more profitable for the brand.

Thanks to you, to our amazing employees, and to the investors that believe in our mission, we’ve been able to close this Series B funding so we can accelerate this declared data vision we share. We’re extremely proud of the work Jebbit has done to lead us to this moment and are energized for all the work we have to do. Bringing trust and transparency to the data ecosystem is no small feat, but it is the RIGHT thing to do, and we are thankful to have you right there with us on this journey.

Tom and Jonathan

Tom Coburn

Tom co-founded Jebbit, building the world’s first declared data platform that enables marketing and sales teams to create beautiful, mobile experiences aimed at capturing the most important consumer data an enterprise needs.

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