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Case Study
December 13, 2019

Karisma Unlocks Emotional Drivers with 98% Completion Rate

With Jebbit experiences at each stage of the customer journey, Karisma Resorts now delivers personalization in every “key moment” conversation.

John Levis
Product Marketing Manager

The Challenge

Karisma Hotels is a premier hotel collection that operates brands throughout Mexico & the Caribbean. Their properties range from family resorts like Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts to adults-only venues such as El Dorado Spa Resorts.

As a luxury brand, Karisma’s customers expect personalized experiences that match their wants & needs. While Karisma had tons of customer transaction and interaction data across their resorts, they were missing an understanding of the drivers that push customers to their brands. They needed to understand these drivers in order to provide the personalized experiences that their guests expected.

The Solution

Karisma used Jebbit experiences to engage with guests at “key moments” in their customer journey, from acquisition to intent to loyalty. They launched experiences across a variety of channels, including email, social media, and their loyalty app.

At each step in the funnel, Jebbit helped Karisma uncover key data points about guests’ motivations and preferences, providing them with the information needed to give guests the personalized experiences they were looking for.

The Results

Karisma’s Jebbit experiences saw a 98% completion rate across all channels and experiences. More importantly, the personalizations that Karisma was able to implement based on guests’ results drove a 90% increase in brand affinity – a big win for both Karisma and their customers.

As a result of their work to drive meaningful conversations with consumers, Karisma won Loyalty360’s platinum award for Customer Feedback & Insights, 2019.

John Levis
Product Marketing Manager

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