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Case Study
February 24, 2022

Jill Razor Case Study

Jill Razor was founded by beauty influencer, Meaghan Carboney, and is on a journey to normalize face shaving for women all around the globe. This beauty method is immediately making women feel empowered, confident and beautiful on the inside and out.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

Their mission is to educate women on all things having to do with face shaving and the benefits that come with it. Jill Razor takes pride in being first the educate women on not just the benefits of shaving, but also on the proper shave process.

They believe that adding the Jill Razor beauty procedure into your routine will immediately improve your skincare and makeup application. When you look good, you will feel good, and most definitely inspire others around you with your glow.

The Challenge:

Before Jill Razor found Jebbit, connecting and learning about their customers was something they struggled with. They were on the hunt for a strategic way to better understand their audience while keeping customers engaged and entertained. Jill Razor quickly realized that they needed a thorough marketing strategy that would help to achieve all of their goals.

The Solution:

Once Jill Razor started to utilize Jebbit, they were able to create an engaging experience to strategically capture first party data. The Jill Razor quiz was launched onto their website and onto their Facebook for acquisition. The quiz dives into capturing data by asking about the customer's history with face shaving, what their skin type is, what the customer is looking to achieve from face shaving, etc. These were the most important questions to ask in order to acquire the data they needed to truly understand their customers. By having this first party data, it enabled Jill Razor to pick out the exact product that was most beneficial, personalized and catered towards the customers needs when making a purchase.

The Results:

Jill Razor's Jebbit quiz immediately drove a 20% increase in email capture, a 15% improvement in retargeting campaigns, a 10% increase in conversion rate and a 10% decrease in CPA (cost per acquisition).

Through their Jebbit quiz, they were also able to collect a 55% lead capture rate, within just one short month of launching the experience.

"Learning about our customers has been a challenge until Jebbit. We are 2 months in and we've seen improvements in all acquisition metrics. It only took 2 hours from concept to launch and the results were instant, increasing customer profiles by 30%! If you have a DTC business, this is something you NEED to try."

Shared by Kishawn Meeranazeer, Co-Founder & CEO

If you want to know more about how to get started on accomplishing the same success, click here.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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