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June 27, 2023

Jebbit's AI tools Empowers Global Reach and Customization

Embrace the Future of Digital Experiences with Jebbit's AI-Powered Tools. Unlock global reach and customization in seconds. Stay tuned for more!

Matt Derda
Director of Customer Marketing

When I was in college writing my thesis and we were just getting ready to kick off research for the semester, one of our professors told us that we should start with Wikipedia…we were shocked. Then he went on to say that it’s a good place to start to get a quick understanding on something and since the sources are cited you could then go directly to the source for research. He explained that Wikipedia is a great tool to use but it’s not a good source for research, as it can be fraught with errors and misinformation. That’s exactly how we should be thinking about AI. It’s a great starting point. 

Last week, Jebbit introduced our new AI-powered Experience Generator and Language Translation capabilities and we kept this idea in mind. This is like AI with guardrails. The whole point of AI is for it to continue to learn and improve as you use it. You should also learn and improve with it. It can foster ideas and present options you may not have thought of yourself. It can do all of this and  still gives you the ability to create and launch a Jebbit Experience globally in seconds. Yes, seconds.

Experience Generator

Jebbit now offers the "Build it for me" option, allowing users to create a complete experience quickly by answering a few simple questions. By filling in the prompts, the Experience Generator will generate the entire experience for you in seconds. You have the flexibility to edit and refine the experience according to your preferences.

Language Translation

Jebbit offers a convenient language translation feature that allows you to effortlessly translate a Jebbit Experience into nearly any language or multiple languages with just one click. If you encounter a language that is not currently available for translation, you can easily request it by reaching out to our team through email or the in-product chat. We are always open to adding new languages based on user requests. It's important to note that this language translation functionality complements Jebbit's existing robust localization capabilities, providing you with even more flexibility in reaching a global audience. 

Stay Tuned For More

At Jebbit, we are committed to constantly improving our platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and making it even better for users to create amazing digital experiences. Now remember, this is only phase 1 of Jebbit’s AI capabilities. Soon, you will start to see our  AI Assist popping up in more and more places throughout the Jebbit Builder, which will allow you to leverage AI to create content, refine questions, use question banks, generate product recommendations and offer many other benefits. 

We have exciting plans for the future, and we want you to be a part of it by helping us shape its development. Don't miss the opportunity to be an early adopter and embrace the potential that AI robots can offer! Stay tuned for more.

Matt Derda
Director of Customer Marketing

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