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Jebbit Tops Off 2014 Winning Another Industry Award at the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech Innovation All-Stars 2014 Event

Jebbit, the leader in post-click engagement, received the 2014 Emerging Startup of the Year award at the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech event.

Boston, MA (December 2, 2014) – Jebbit, the leader in post-click engagement, announced today that it was the recipient of the 2014 Emerging Startup of the Year award at the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech Innovation All-Stars 2014 Event. Jebbit’s post-click engagement SaaS platform empowers brands to bridge the gap between their digital media ads and the creative content of their landing pages by increasing the focus of the consumer interaction after someone clicks on an ad.

During the event, 14 companies were profiled for their ongoing contributions to the area’s innovation economy. “Innovation is the lifeblood of Greater Boston’s fast-evolving economy”, said the Boston Business Journal, “a reason why so many major information technology and life sciences companies are rumbling into the region.”

This is Jebbit’s 3rd industry award in recent months, additionally taking home the 2014 Native & Creative Content Advertising Technology Award at the Marketers Choice Awards and the Massachusetts Innovative Sales & Marketing Technology of the Year Award at the MassTLC Annual Leadership Awards. Jebbit’s new marketing technology out competed companies like Google in order to win these awards, a true testament to the firm’s breakout year and rapid growth.

“Our team has been extremely excited and honored to be the recipient of several awards over the past few months,” said Jonathan Lacoste, COO. “We’re excited about the opportunity that Post-Click Engagement presents and it’s great to see some of the leading industry organizations and thought leaders validate that for us.”

About Jebbit:

Boston based and venture-backed, Jebbit was founded in 2011 by college dropouts Tom Cobourn and Jonathan Lacoste and is the leading digital marketing platform to customize, measure, and optimize Post-Click Engagement™. To date the company has grown to 20+ employees, developing global campaigns that have increased conversions and decreased wasted ad spend for over 100 brands and Fortune 500 companies. Jebbit has been named as one of CNBC’s “25 Top Most Promising Companies in the World”, MassTLC’s “Sales and Marketing Innovative Technology of the Year” and as one of Global Entrepreneurship Week’s “Top 50 Most Promising New Startup Companies”.

Published December 2, 2014

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