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Jebbit Partners with MIT Technology Review to Deliver a More Rewarding Advertising Experience

MIT Technology Review readers will discover Jebbit when they click on ads running throughout the site featuring their favorite brands and MIT Technology Review sponsors.

Boston, MA– Boston-area ad-tech company, Jebbit, announced today its partnership with MIT Technology Review.   As a world-renowned resource for technology news and analysis, MIT Technology Review sees this partnership as an opportunity provide its readers with a more rewarding, engaging advertising experience.

MIT Technology Review clients have implemented the technology which readers will discover when they click on ads running throughout the site featuring their favorite brands and MIT Technology Review sponsors. Jebbit integrates seamlessly into the reader’s experience by attaching its Q&A engagement and loyalty platform to articles and other content throughout the site.

Jonathan Lacoste, Jebbit’s Chief Operating Officer adds, “We are excited to begin this partnership with the MIT Technology Review and ultimately change the way readers consume advertisements. Hopefully, this will help us achieve our goal of creating totally new ad experiences within the website experience in the next few years.”

Director of Advertising Sales for MIT Technology Review, James Friedman, calls Jebbit a “secret engagement weapon” for the organization’s advertising future. He explains, “We’re excited to partner with Jebbit to power unique and thoughtful brand engagement for advertisers to our growing digital audience. As MIT is synonymous with innovation, we constantly strive to provide inventive ad-tech solutions that enhance the advertising experience for our readers and marketing partners.”

About MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review leads the global conversation about technologies that matter. An independent media company owned by MIT, it produces publications read by millions of business leaders, innovators, and thought leaders around the globe, in six languages and on a variety of platforms. The company publishes MIT Technology Review magazine, the most respected technology magazine; daily news features, analysis, and opinion; and Business Reports, which explain how technologies are transforming industries. It produces live events such as the annualEmTech MIT, international EmTech conferences, Summits, and Salons. The company’s entrepreneurial community organization, MIT Enterprise Forum, hosts 400+ events a year globally.

For more information contact Jebbit or MIT Technology Review.


Published July 16, 2014

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