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August 23, 2016

Jebbit Becomes Official Adobe Target Partner

Adobe recognizes future of content is interactive, partners with Jebbit.

Kaitlyn Kirkaldy

Boston, MA (August 17, 2016) — Jebbit, the leading mobile interactive content platform, announced today that the company is an official partner of Adobe Target. The integration lets marketers using Jebbit’s platform send data collected from an interactive campaign right to their Adobe Target account.

The Jebbit integration empowers marketers to create Adobe Target segments from user responses and interactions, set their targeting parameters, and personalize content moving forward.

“Our customers’ Adobe Target campaigns will become even more effective,” Jebbit CEO Tom Coburn said. “The integration lets our partners use the data they get right from their customers. They’ll be able to create segments as granular as people who always pack a swimsuit for vacation or people looking for a new car. The data will help marketers reach their audience more efficiently and personalize their customers’ experiences.”

Jebbit’s platform creates mobile interactive content that helps brands and digital publishers, engage, convert, and profile their audiences. It captures data from each customer who engages with the content, and ties it back to an individual email address, social media profile, or cell phone number. The platform allows marketers to delivered a personalized experience to each customer.

Jebbit‘s platform enables marketers and digital sales teams to create branded, personalized mobile experiences to engage, profile, and convert any audience. Jebbit helps media companies drive revenue by providing interactive mobile content solutions as part of their digital offerings. Jebbit helps brands increase conversions while capturing user-provided data that ultimately boosts lifetime value. Jebbit was named one of the Top 25 Most Promising Companies in the World by CNBC and its cofounders are Forbes 30 Under 30 honorees. To learn more about how interactive mobile content can grow your business or digital revenue and how our clients like Tribune Media, Mazda, and The Boston Globe use it, visit

Kaitlyn Kirkaldy

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