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February 9, 2015

Jebbit Launches First International Campaign in Shanghai, China

Jebbit, the leader in post-click engagement marketing, today announces the company’s first active international campaign in Shanghai, China.

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Boston, Feb. 5, 2015 – Jebbit, the leader in post-click engagement marketing, today announces the company’s first active Mandarin campaign in Shanghai, China. The campaign, which will be live for the next few months, is focused on educating and connecting Chinese students with Admissions Directors at universities and colleges in the US, UK, and Europe.

“We had planned on expanding internationally in 2015, but the demand and opportunity was there to launch before the end of 2014,” says Michael Marcus, VP Accounts & Strategy at Jebbit. “The advertising industry in China is exploding as millions of consumers become either connected for the first time, or increasingly dependent on their mobile devices.”

First International Campaign in Shanghai China

Jebbit’s post-click engagement SaaS platform empowers brands to bridge the gap between their digital media ads and the creative content of their landing pages by increasing the focus of the consumer interaction after someone clicks on an ad.

“Consumers are ready for a change, and we couldn’t be more excited to provide an easier way to engage with advertisers in a traditionally stringent market,” says Jebbit Industry Analyst, Duncan Walker.

About Jebbit:
Boston based and venture-backed, Jebbit was founded in 2011 by college dropouts Tom Cobourn and Jonathan Lacoste and is the leading digital marketing platform to customize, measure, and optimize Post-Click Engagement™. To date the company has grown to 20+ employees, developing global campaigns that have increased conversions and decreased wasted ad spend for over 100 brands and Fortune 500 companies. Jebbit has been named as one of CNBC’s “25 Top Most Promising Companies in the World”, MassTLC’s “Sales and Marketing Innovative Technology of the Year” and as one of Global Entrepreneurship Week’s “Top 50 Most Promising New Startup Companies”.

Marketing Team

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