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March 23, 2020

Jebbit Launches New Agency Platform

Meets demand from external and in-house agencies needing to deliver fast, no-code, high-performing creative engagements.

John Levis
Product Marketing Manager

BOSTON, MA — March 23, 2020 Jebbit, the world’s leading declared data company, today announced the release of a new version of their platform designed specifically for agencies and in-house brand agencies looking to more efficiently and effectively create consumer branded experiences across channels. This announcement comes at a time when high-impact consumer engagements and insights are critical for brands.

Agencies have long tried to help clients deliver a wide range of differentiated experiences, many going so far as to try to build their own platforms. As brands continue to demand efficiencies in services, Jebbit provides agencies with a no-code, scalable way to help their clients easily deliver a wide assortment of truly personalized digital experiences. The platform allows agencies to create everything from simple lead forms and landing pages to surveys and immersive, interactive experiences such as product matches, personality quizzes, trivia, knowledge tests, and more that ask consumers to share exactly what their motivations, intentions, interests, and preferences are. Jebbit clients achieve 80-90% completion rates on average.

“Agencies are at a key inflection point, pressured to decide how to use technology to meet their clients’ rising expectations for speed and agility while also adhering to consumer privacy concerns and regulations” said Kelly Nickerson, VP, Retail Strategy & Analytics at Epsilon. “The Jebbit Platform for Agencies provides an easy-to-use solution that delivers personalized experiences at scale and the 1st party data clients demand.”

The Jebbit Platform for Agencies includes:

Experience Builder – Fast, easy, no-code-required creation of form fields, landing pages and interactive experiences including product matches, personality quizzes, live polls, trivia, knowledge tests, lookbooks and more.

Creative Control – Experiences can be fully customized to the brand’s specifications.  Agencies can upload brand logos, fonts, colors and imagery.

Personalized Journeys – Agencies can create different paths and outcomes based on how a consumer answers questions, including personalized re-directs or retargeting.

Data Portability – Jebbit experiences capture first-party declared data that can be sent to any marketing platform for increased personalization and identity connectivity.

“The battle for attention begins with an agency’s ability to  provide a value exchange between brands and consumers,” said Jonathan Lacoste, co-founder and president of Jebbit. “Now agencies have the perfect self-service solution to create interactive content that consumers love to engage with while meeting client demands for fast and highly-effective branded experiences.

Learn more about the Jebbit agency solutions at

About Jebbit

Jebbit is the world’s first declared data company. Committed to building a world of total data transparency, Jebbit’s mission is to make every experience assumption free by providing consumers with immediate value in exchange for relevant information about their motivations, interests, and preferences. Powered by high-converting interactive digital experiences, Jebbit’s clients — including P&G, Shiseido, Express, JCPenney, Sonesta Hotels, the Boston Celtics, and Monster Worldwide — use the company’s platform to better engage and drive revenue from consumers. To learn more visit

John Levis
Product Marketing Manager

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