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October 21, 2014

Jebbit Emerges as a Leading Platform for Post-Click Engagement

Jebbit set out to change the way that brands and consumers interact online with post-click engagement.

Marketing Team

Jebbit set out earlier this year to change the way that brands and consumers interact online. 2014 has been a year of milestones for Jebbit, rapidly expanding our client list, achieving 143% quarter-over-quarter revenue growth and doubling our team.

Despite the changing needs of our clients and product development shifts given our high-growth, there are a handful of pillars that held stalwart and speak to our company’s focus as we head into the final quarter of 2014.

  • Driving real business value
  • Growth through new clients and partners
  • New platform features and tools
  • Evangelizing post-click engagement
  • Industry leading resources and education

1. Driving real business value

Since our inception in 2011, Jebbit has focused on helping digital marketers amplify and measure the true impact and return on their advertising investments.  While advertisers spend most of their time and money getting consumers to click-through, the real ROI comes from the engagement after the click. Post-click engagement works across any digital marketing channel–native, display, social, mobile and email to enhance interaction and engagement. Across multiple campaigns, Jebbit’s data has shown that post-click engagement on average:

  • Increases conversion rates by 30%
  • Decreases bounce rates by 21%
  • Increases time of engagement by 2 minutes 12 seconds

2. Growth through new clients and strategic partnerships

Top brands including Dell, Reebok, Zipcar and many others have leveraged Jebbit’s post-click technology to increase engagement and conversions across their digital marketing channels.

“Jebbit’s unique approach breaks through the digital clutter in an intuitive and completely measurable way.”–Warrior at New Balance

We’ve also focused on bringing our technology to more marketers through partnerships with agencies and publishers. Stay tuned for more announcements!

“Post-click engagement is an ideal technology for our radio advertisers. We see that engaging customers after the click is rapidly becoming popular among brands and we are capitalizing on this trend to better serve our listeners and our advertisers. Jebbit’s reputation is second to none and we are excited to be entering into this partnership which will bolster Greater Media Boston’s digital advertising proposition to our clients.”-Rob Williams, vice president and market manager of Greater Media Boston

As we edge closer to 2015, it promises to be another year of exceeding expectations as we focus on bringing our technology to more marketers worldwide through partnerships.

3. New platform features and tools

From the start, Jebbit’s unique platform has been designed to enable scalable post-click engagement.  Jebbit makes it easy for non-technical personnel to quickly and easily create post-click campaigns across any marketing channel – social media, display, email, mobile, video and more. Jebbit pioneered post-click engagement ensuring that marketers can improve their digital ad spend ROI with a personalized, interaction question and answer experience that entices consumers to learn more and spend a longer time interacting with their content.

Our technology is optimized for different platforms and devices ensuring flawless functionality and the best possible user experience. The company continues to introduce to features such as branching questions and consumer profiling allowing marketers to set a path based on consumer demographics, psychographics, affinities and behaviors.

4. Evangelizing post-click engagement

Jebbit’s platform empowers marketers to engage customers after the click. We’re moving the industry away from proxy metrics such as impressions and CTR by focusing on the consumer interaction after the consumer clicks on an ad. Post-click engagement requires the ability to increase engagement with the brands and conversion rates of a given consumer and this is where Jebbit’s post-click engagement technology comes into play.

Post-click engagement is a concept new to many marketers so we’ve ensured that our blog and website have entire sections of content dedicated to the intersection of post-click engagement and online marketing.

  • What post-click engagement is and how it works
  • Why marketers are investing in post-click engagement
  • Case studies on post-click engagement for driving brand awareness, conversions, consumer insights and social sharing

5. Industry leading resources and education

Jebbit has seeded it’s marketing with a foundation in education. We are the first to develop more sophisticated software for post-click engagement, as well as education around best practices, how-to’s, case studies, thought leadership and more to help marketers understand this evolving and ever important aspect of digital marketing. Our website and blog highlight our marketing resources featuring a visually stimulating:

  • New resource center with eBooks and case studies
  • Blog articles where you can expect to see us writing about the latest industry trends
  • Weekly newsletter, for a roundup of top digital marketing news delivered to your inbox

Explore the resources section of our website and our blog to better understand with examples, analogies and real data on how post-click engagement can transform and scale your marketing in 2014 and beyond.

Marketing Team

A team of passionate, data-driven marketing leaders fueled by customer insight, creativity and driving results.

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