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January 3, 2024

Jebbit 2023: Year In Review

In this super-charged year-in-review, we're diving into the good stuff – the amazing projects, the awesome press shoutouts, and the oh-so-cool new features we added to the Jebbit platform.

Brittany Gulla
Director of Growth Marketing

Embracing Innovation, Driving Engagement

As we head into another remarkable year at Jebbit, it's time to reflect on the milestones that have not only shaped our journey but have also redefined the landscape of interactive marketing. The year 2023 was a testament to our commitment to innovation, our dedication to customer success, and our relentless pursuit of elevating the interactive experience.

In this year-in-review, we delve into the key achievements that marked Jebbit's journey over the past twelve months. From groundbreaking case studies that showcase the transformative power of our platform in various industries, to significant press pieces that have highlighted our thought leadership, this article serves as a compendium of our collective efforts and successes.

Most importantly, we will spotlight the revolutionary features introduced to Jebbit's software platform over the past year. Each feature, carefully crafted and expertly integrated, has not only enhanced user experience but also opened new avenues for marketers to engage with their audience in meaningful and memorable ways.

Join us as we journey through the highlights of 2023, celebrating the milestones that have solidified Jebbit's position as a leader in the interactive marketing space. Here's to a year of unparalleled innovation, significant growth, and endless possibilities!


Industry: Beauty

Brand Partner: Love Seen (+Attentive)

Notable highlights include:

  • 6X increase in opt-ins from users that go thru their Lash Finder quiz (Jebbit) versus BAU (which is just an email capture lightbox)
  • 60% lift in conversions from users who take the quiz
  • 100% lift in email open-rates/CTRs from personalized messages sent to segments created using Jebbit data

Read The Full Case Study

Industry: Food and Beverage

Brand Partner: Pepsi (

Notable highlights include:

  • 2x conversion
  • 77% engagement
  • 85% average response across the screens
  • 36% visited product recommendation

ReadThe Full Case Study

Industry: Household Goods

Brand partner: Haleon (Centrum)

  • 15 second improvement in average session duration 
  • 39% reduction in bounce rate vs. BAU rates 
  • 65% completion rate 
  • 43% website redirect rate 
  • 8.9 average data points captured

Read The Full Case Study


The Inspiration Hub

Introducing the in-platform Inspiration Hub!  The place to go to explore new ways to launch with Jebbit!  Find design ideas, check out features, and discover new use cases.  In the hub you can filter by experience type, industry, and features to narrow down the results.  Take a look around and get inspired!

Language Translations

It's never been easier being a global brand running your campaigns in many regions with different languages. You can now take an experience and copy it to a new language with one click!

AI  Experience Generator

Jebbit's Experience Generator is a snappy way to start an experience with Ai powered questions and responses!

Google Analytics 4 Integration

Jebbit's Google Analytics 4 integration is easy to setup, and powerful to use. It will send rich data to your GA property around screens visited, responses given, leads captured, and adds to cart. The integration also allows for easy configuring of segments to track revenue attributed to your Jebbit experience and therefore ROI! 

Shopify Orders Reporting

Shopify merchants can measure their ROI and attributable purchases to Jebbit experiences


Mood Boards allow you to create stunning visual experiences that are fun to use easy to build!

Accessibility Checker

Jebbit strives to ensure that all content created on our platform adheres to WCAG 2.2 Level AA Compliance. However, given we are a creative platform, there are steps/precautions that need to be taken by our users to ensure compliance. To make this process easier we've added an ADA checker that checks for two specific errors: color contrast and alt text.

Email Embed

You can now take the HTML of a Jebbit experience and render the 1st screen in an email. End users can interact with the 1st screen in the email and it will  drive up engagement rates in the clients email. It’s a win win!


AI-powered Experience Generator and Language Translation capabilities

These innovative features significantly enhance the ability for businesses to connect with their audiences across various channels. They enable marketers to quickly create personalized interactive quizzes, trivia, and surveys, and then easily translate them into multiple languages with a single click, facilitating global scalability for brands​. 

Read the full announcement

Jebbit adds two new members to its board

Jolawn Victor, Vice President and GM of Intuit UK, and Mindel Klein, former GM of Integrated Marketing Communications and Digital for Colgate-Palmolive North America. 

Read the full announcement

Consumer Goods Technology: You have the data, so now what?

In this article written by Jebbit’s Chief Evangelist Officer, Pam Erlichman,  she emphasizes the need for CPG brands to focus on relevant data collection and its practical activation, suggesting strategies like targeted email follow-ups, audience building for accurate look-alike audiences, and refined segmentation/personas incorporating consumer motivations for more effective engagement. 

Read the full article

Association of National Advertisers: a CMO’s Guide to Zero Party Data

In this article, Pam Erlichman highlights the urgent need for Chief Marketing Officers to shift towards acquiring more first-party data, especially in light of privacy changes and the movement towards a cookieless future. 

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Global Cosmetics Industry: A Cookieless world is good for beauty brands

In this article, Pam Erlichman, Jebbit’s Chief Evangelist Officer advocates for 'conversational commerce' or 'gamification' as effective strategies for beauty brands to engage consumers and gather precise first-party data. This approach, which includes personalized quizzes and interactive experiences, not only helps capture critical consumer preferences and needs but also builds trust and loyalty. 

Read the full article

So, as we gear up to have an even more exciting 2024, let's raise a glass (or your favorite beverage!) to the creativity, the innovation, and the sheer fun we've shared. Get ready, because if you thought 2023 was a blast, just wait for what we have in store next!

To explore the many ways you can use Jebbit, schedule a demo — or dive in and get started for free.

Brittany Gulla
Director of Growth Marketing

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