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June 25, 2020

Jebbinar: Using Declared Data to Personalize Your Email Campaigns

Jebbit Sales Director Dick Dawson sits down with ReSci Head of Partnerships James Hotson to talk about how the combined power of declared data & AI can help everyone deliver highly-personalized experiences.

Marketing Team

One-to-one personalization is the holy grail of marketing. But true personalization – a unique experience for every customer – requires two things: good data & a lot of manpower.

Here’s the catch: most brands lack the data needed to understand what consumers want, either because they don’t have enough data, or because their data is just plain wrong. And even for brands that do have good data, many lack the bandwidth needed to activate it at scale.

How then, can you make sure you’re capturing & activating the data needed to offer customers the personalized experiences they expect?

The secret lies in the combination of declared data & AI. Declared data captures the human element of marketing – accurate, in-the-moment information about consumers’ intents, motivations, and desires. Then, the power & scale of AI transforms those insights into personalized marketing interactions.

Join Jebbit & Retention Science to learn about:

  • The combined power of declared data & AI.
  • The value of customer engagement at every stage of the buyer journey.
  • How trust & personlaization go hand in hand.
Marketing Team

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