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Jebbinar: Jenny Craig’s Secret to Customer Engagement

Social Media Specialist Kamei Tribell joins us to talk about Jenny Craig's strategy for customer engagement, and how they're using the data to provide a better experience for customers.

Jenny Craig is one of the world’s leading weight loss and nutrition companies. Founded in 1983 on the idea that there were no good weight loss programs that included a human touch, personalized experiences have been at the heart of Jenny Craig’s brand since Day 1.

Personalization requires knowing your customers well, and when the time came to learn about their digital audience, Jenny Craig turned to Jebbit for a solution that would generate engagement and allow them to understand potential customers’ intents, motivations, and desires.

In this Jebbinar, you’ll learn:

  • How Jenny Craig used Jebbit to collect 500,000+ data points on consumer motivations.
  • Why delivering engaging experiences keeps consumers coming back again and again.
  • How starting small can lead to big things.


Published May 5, 2020


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