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Jebbinar: The New Holiday Engagement Playbook

Jebbit CMO Pam Erlichman & Product Marketing Manager John Levis talk about the 3 plays to help you win this holiday season.

Holiday 2020 is going to be a season like no other.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 75% of consumers are spending more time online, and it’s fundamentally changing how and why they shop. Some brands are quickly adapting to this new normal, but many will realize come January that they didn’t move fast enough.

Context is king and it’s never more important than during the holiday shopping season. Unfortunately for most marketers, the traditional playbook has gone out the window.

Luckily, a new playbook is emerging. It embraces the things consumers love engaging with online and turns them into a vehicle that drives engagement and sales through the holidays and beyond.

Hear how to:

  • Attract customers when it’s all online, all the time.
  • Win holiday without a “buy now” button
  • Have digital conversations that drive repeat sales
  • Prevent capturing incorrect customer data


Published August 20, 2020


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