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Webinar Recaps
May 5, 2020

Jebbinar: Building Consumer Trust in an Era of Mistrust

Jebbit President Jonathan Lacoste sits down with Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson to discuss why building consumer trust is more important than ever.

Marketing Team

Netflix. Amazon. Google. Consumers love – and businesses thrive on – digital personalization. But the dirty little secret is that the way we collect the data that powers that personalization has led to an all-time low in consumer trust.

So how do we earn it back – without pissing people off? Informed by new research and best practices from running thousands of campaigns, we reveal the new rules to gaining and sustaining consumer trust, and how the Jebbit platform helps solve this key business challenge.

Don’t have time to watch the full webinar? Click here for a Q&A with Jonathan on the importance of building consumer trust.

Marketing Team

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