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June 25, 2020

JCPenney's Tips for Great Jebbit Experiences

There's so much you can do with Jebbit, and everyone uses our platform a little differently. Seeing how others use Jebbit can provide the jolt of inspiration needed to kickstart that next campaign.

Marketing Team

Claire Foley of the JCPenney Loyalty team shares three of their favorite tips for getting the most out of the Jebbit platform.

Tip #1: Experiment

Different customers like different things, which is why Jebbit offers lots of ways to engage with your audience. When prepping for a new campaign, try out different types of content to see what your customers like the most.

The best place to experiment is Jebbit’s Template Gallery. The Template Gallery lets you browse and quickly start building new experiences based on your use case. There are seven default template types: live polling/voting, interactive editorial, lookbook, product match, trivia/knowledge test, personality quiz, and Companion. Each template has a series of pre-populated screens to help reduce the build-to-launch time for experiences. When you see a template you like, just double-click on it to get started!

Templates make it easy to play around with different use cases to see your customers like the most.

Tip #2: Reuse Content

When you find an experience, format, or screen that really resonates with your audience, you don’t spend time recreating it in order to use it again. Instead, take advantage of the tools Jebbit offers to make reusing the best elements of Jebbit experiences a snap.

Copy Experience creates an identical copy of an existing experience. Use it when you only want to tweak minor things before launching a new experience.

When you find a format that you know you’ll want to use again and again, Templatize it to save it to the Template Gallery. From here, both you & your teammates will have easy access when the time comes to build again.

And, when you create a single screen that you know you won’t be able to live without, use Save Layout to add it to the Layout Library. Include images, copy, or both. Save it, and that screen will be only a click away.

Tip #3: Take Advantage of Attributes

What are Attributes? Attributes are the actual declared data points that you collect with Jebbit experiences. Use them to create segments — groups of users who are connected through shared responses to specific Attributes such as price sensitivity, favorite products, or shopping frequency.

Creating segments allows you to sort your customer base into useful cohorts so you can test hypotheses about specific customer groups and gather insights on trends associated with that group. Use these to better target consumers and improve conversion rates.

Feeling inspired? Jump into the platform now to try out these tips! Not a Jebbit customer yet? Click below to request a demo or try Jebbit for yourself.

Marketing Team

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