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Case Study
August 24, 2023

How Nars Engages Customers Through Jebbit Experiences

Discover how Nars Cosmetics transformed its strategy using personalized quizzes, boosting consumer engagement and data insights.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

When looking to enhance their understanding of customers, Nars Cosmetics leveraged Jebbit. They created personalized lifestyle quizzes to enhance its consumer data within its CRM strategy.

Previously, Nars utilized a transactional marketing approach, promoting products to prospective and repeat buyers according to their online browsing patterns and past buying experiences on its worldwide online retail platforms. However, this approach resulted in a limited grasp of the consumer's identity, leaving a scarcity of usable data.

During 2019, Nars undertook a strategic shift, transitioning from a transactional method to a data-driven approach that prioritized immersive interactions. The main objective was to gain insights into customer product inclinations, skin tones, and lifestyle details.


Teaming up with Jebbit, Nars launched a series of 20 digital Jebbit experiences. Among these, nine were distributed across various location-specific online retail platforms. The overarching aim was to streamline the customization of marketing endeavors and digital correspondence.

“Ultimately, the goal is to continue to bring people back to and have them interact with the brand. We hope that by delivering a fun, gamified type of quiz in providing a recommendation, they’ll see the value in opting into our email and social communications,”

Jennifer Jackson, Nars VP of Global Marketing.


  • 25% of all website visitors have engaged with at least one quiz
  • 74% average completion rate for a Jebbit quiz
  • 183k questions answered by consumers
  • 379 hours of digital conversations with consumers
  • Lift in AOV

Are you ready to provide genuine value and build lasting customer connections? Chat with a Jebbit expert today!

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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