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Case Study
December 13, 2022

How Howes Gains a 250% Conversion Rate From Look-A-Like Audience Using Jebbit

A family owned & operated business for over a century, Howes Products sells the highest quality diesel additives that clean, protect and perform. Howes’ Diesel Treat is the #1 choice for independent owner operators and the most used winter diesel additive nationally (it prevents your fuel from turning into gel in cold weather and prevents you from getting stuck - guaranteed!)

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist


Howes was looking to grow its digital footprint in an effort to  build more brand awareness and to expand into other industry areas where diesel fuel is consumed, such as farming and agriculture. To do this, Howes wanted to focus on reaching and connecting directly with farmers online. Their goal was to learn more about  their target audience, such as: their needs, preferences, and motivators. The industry leader was also looking to gain insights about their consumer’s varying farm types, climate areas, fuel consumption habits, storage, additives, and more.


Using the Jebbit Platform, Howes created a Farm/AG Survey and launched it on paid media channels, targeting farm / farming audiences to build awareness and learn more about them. Then, using the data collected from their Jebbit Experience, Howes created custom audiences for retargeting. Simultaneously, they launched their Jebbit/IMX survey on their website, embedding it as to create a native, organic experience for website visitors. 

In the last month of their campaign, Howes used a highly targeted plan to get in front of the right audience by promoting their Jebbit quiz on their Facebook channel. To maximize engagement and completions, Howes included an incentive with a sweepstakes to enter for a chance to  win a new iPad. Users were asked to answer 10 questions, then after they submitted their contact information and opted-in for a chance to win, and were then redirected to the  Howes Where to Buy page on their website.


By leveraging Jebbit’s no-code platform, Howes saw:  

*Extended Brand Awareness in the Farm campaign category (1.2+ million AD Impressions)

*Extended Brand Immersion time with the Experience and website visits

  • 51% users who clicked on the quiz engaged
  • 12M+ Attributes collected
  • 250% conversion gain from Look-A-Like Audience
“At Howes, we are constantly looking for ways to get our products and messages in front of our customers and these surveys proved to be highly engaging,” said Erika Howes, VP of Business Development. “As we look to expand our reach even further in the Farm/Ag segment, the survey was a terrific tool to target that community.”

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Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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