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Case Study
July 2, 2019

HMR Grows Onsite Lead Capture by 84% with Companion

A high-conversion interactive overlay on key site pages combines information-finding with lead gen.

Rachel Haberman

The Challenge

Health Management Resources (HMR), an intensive weight-loss and lifestyle-change program, sought to increase conversion of unknown site visitors. Although they could tell from their behavior that these visitors were actively researching HMR, they were not engaging with existing lead capture forms at a high enough rate, and they bounced from the site before HMR was able to learn about them.

The Solution

HMR launched an unobtrusive, interactive Companion experience on key mid-funnel site pages that walked visitors through a day on the plan before providing a lead capture field. This “Day in the Life” experience combined information-finding with lead gen in a way that was interactive and engaging, leading to better conversion than standard lead capture forms.

The Results

HMR’s “Day in the Life” experience led to 84% growth in onsite lead capture in its first month live. This high rate of qualified lead acquisition rests on high rates of engagement: 64% of page visitors interact with the experience, and of those, 94% complete the experience.

Rachel Haberman

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