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March 31, 2023

4 Ecommerce Quiz Ideas to Boost Online Sales

Do you want to create a captivating eCommerce quiz that engages your customers and increases your sales, but need some inspiration before beginning?

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

If so, we have just what you need! In our previous blog posts, we covered various topics such as which questions to ask, different features to include, and how to create a quiz that converts

However, this time, we're switching things up and sharing our favorite eCommerce quizzes that we showcased as our "Experience of the Week" this month. These quizzes are remarkable, with breathtaking designs and seamless flows that are bound to inspire you. Plus, they ask insightful questions that can help you enhance your marketing strategy. So prepare to be inspired and elevate your eCommerce game to new heights!

Let's delve into the highlighted experiences from this past month, starting with:

1. T3 Micro

This product match quiz will give you the T3 Switch Kit Trio based off of your own personal hair style and vibe.

Answer questions based on your style repertoire, your hair length, hair pattern, etc. and T3 Micro Inc's product match quiz will match you with the hair styling kit of your dreams.

2. Little Words Project

It's time to have some fun with this beautifully crafted quiz that will surely make you smile. Answer some easy questions then you'll get matched with your perfect Crayola collection bracelet. How cool is that? 🌈

Spread kindness and positivity with the Little Words Project Color of Kindness quiz. Discover what your favorite color says about your personality and wear your bracelet with pride.

3. Biosteel

Check out this awesome quiz to vote for your favorite BioSteel Sports Hydration! This quiz is EXTRA awesome because it includes live polling which shows what percent of people prefer which drink.

4. Northwestern Mutual

In collaboration with Pinterest, Northwestern Mutual created a fun Jebbit quiz that reveals your unique Pinterest Persona and connects you with our team of over 8,000 financial advisors who can help support your life plans - from vacations to weddings to home renovations.

Start building healthy financial habits in a fun and engaging way.

What Will Your Personalized Quiz Look Like?

Are you looking to add some excitement to your eCommerce strategy in 2023? Consider incorporating a personalized quiz. Quizzes aren't just enjoyable, they can also increase your revenue, provide valuable zero-party data about your customers, and allow you to display ads even after users leave your site. To help you design your own Jebbit experience, we offer the assistance of our experts. We believe that an eCommerce quiz is a powerful tool that you don't want to overlook in 2023. Don't miss out – contact us today to get started.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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