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August 21, 2020

Introducing The Consumer Engagement Playbook

Jebbit has developed 8 plays to combat common marketing challenges and increase consumer engagement across all channels.

Marketing Team

Here’s one unavoidable truth every marketer is currently facing: it’s more challenging than ever to capture your consumers’ attention. With a plethora of marketing messages filling every channel, how do you make sure your content stands out?

Jebbit has spent the last 8 years mastering this difficult task for every type of brand, from the world’s biggest to up-and-comers in the DTC space.

The plays we’ve developed have been proven to generate completion rates of 80-90%. How is that possible? The secret is simple: they offer something VALUABLE to the customer. The plays in this playbook cover the 6 forms of genuine value that drive high consumer engagement.

Our new playbook addresses these 8 common consumer engagement challenges:

  1. Creating a personalized in-store experience without being in person
  2. Staying top of mind between purchases to drive incremental sales
  3. Deepening engagement and understanding of current customers
  4. Growing share of wallet when segmentation and past purchase data are NOT good indicators for future success
  5. Driving awareness and education on important brand, program, or cause-based topics
  6. Capturing quality consumer insights at scale
  7. Replicating the window shopping or catalog experience in a digital environment
  8. Quickly creating inexpensive digital content

Jebbit has developed proven solutions to these big challenges. Our playbook shows you how each one works, backed up with success stories from brands like Express, Live Nation, Bliss, and Jenny Craig.

Ready to learn more?

P.S. We know many companies promise an easy and intuitive platform, but the reality turns out to be far from accurate. So we encourage you to try out our free but limited version of the Jebbit Platform so you can see how easy & fun it is to build experiences yourself. Build your first experience!

Marketing Team

A team of passionate, data-driven marketing leaders fueled by customer insight, creativity and driving results.

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