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6 Reasons Why We’re Excited for Our Customer Conference

We’re just as excited for our Customer Conference as the customers are! We got some one-on-one time with a few Jebbit team members to dish on major conference details.

We’re just as excited for our Customer Conference as the customers are! Although April 13th may seem like the distant future in your mind, it’s been a constant buzz-topic around Fenway and our office. We got some one-on-one time with a few Jebbit team members to dish on major conference details. What most excites you about the Customer Conference? What are you looking forward to most for the day of? Who will you be wearing? Oh, is that just an Oscar’s question? Our mistake…

Jonathan Lacoste | President and Co-Founder
I’m extremely excited about our inaugural customer conference this year at Fenway Park! It’ll be a great opportunity for marketers from all walks of life to come together to discuss the state of the digital marketing industry and why mobile and first-party data are more important than ever. We hope attendees will be able to walk away more informed about how to tackle the mobile challenges they face, but armed with key strategies and new best practices.

Tom Coburn | CEO and Co-Founder
Any time you can get a group of hard working, motivated people in a single room for an entire day focusing on one goal, great things happen. I’m extremely excited to see what happens when we bring together the Jebbit team and all of our customers and partners for an entire day! First and foremost, it will be a day that hopefully brings immense value to our customers and helps inspire them and evolve their mobile and data strategies. Second, it will hopefully be a fun, insightful, and rewarding experience for the Jebbit team who has been working so hard for the last few years to bring value to our customers. I can’t wait!

Taylor Bellefeuille | Head of Global Sales and Strategic Partnerships
I could not be more excited to have all of our customers under the same roof. I truly believe that we have the most innovative and transformative clients. They are all thinking ahead of their competitors by putting a mobile first content strategy in place with Jebbit. Each one of them thinks about interactive content and utilizing Jebbit in different ways to drive their business goals too. So, it will be fun to watch them share ideas and collaborate. Also, looking forward to sharing some beers and laughs with the clients we love!

Matthew Keemon | Lead Software Engineer
As an engineer, I am a bit removed from day-to-day client interaction. The customer conference will give me a chance to directly the see the impact of what our team is building. Our client strategy team raves about our customers and I’m excited to finally meet some of them!

Danielle Dalton | Operations Manager
I’m really looking forward to the Customer Conference because it will be a great opportunity for the entire team to interact with our partners.  We’re very culture-oriented at Jebbit, so having the chance for the entire company—not just our Accounts & Strategy team—to learn from our partners about their challenges and goals will help us further develop our products and services.
From the perspective of our partners, I know it will be a chance to expand their personal network in the industry and learn how others are engaging consumers in today’s mobile-first environment.

Bobby Leonard | Interactive Digital Specialist
What I’m looking forward to most about the Customer Conference will be the exchanging of best practices and strategies amongst those in attendance. It’s a unique opportunity to have so many savvy digital marketers in the same room. Whether it’s within the same industry or across industries, it’ll be interesting for everyone to hear how others are using Jebbit and share their success stories. Hopefully, everyone will walk away with a few new concepts on how to use Jebbit for initiatives they hadn’t thought about yet.

…And that’s just a few of us! We can’t wait to share such a great, insightful day with all of our partners and customers. More exciting details regarding the event will be revealed as the date gets closer, and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to RSVP here!

Published March 1, 2017

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