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5 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For Our Customer Conference!

Less than three weeks away from our first annual customer conference, it’s safe to say “excited” is a huge understatement.

Less than three weeks away from our first annual customer conference, it’s safe to say “excited” is a huge understatement. Our office has been bubbling with customer conference talk for a while now, so we wanted to give you a little insight into what some of us here at Jebbit are most looking forward to, and what we hope for our clients to get out of it. April 13th – it’s go time!

Kaitlyn Kirkaldy | Head of Marketing
We have a really innovative group of clients and partners, so I’m excited for the energy they’ll bring to the conference. It will be great to have everyone learning from each other and sharing new ideas, not only about using our platform but about the industry in general!

Jaclyn Van | Interactive Digital Strategist
I’m looking forward to our customer conference because I can’t wait to meet and interact with our clients! Being on the Accounts & Strategy team, I speak with my clients almost daily via phone and email, but I have not met some of them in person. I am excited for the opportunity to sit down and enjoy the conference together. I am confident this format will stimulate more forward-thinking discussion that will enable us to plan ahead and think outside of the box in terms of what we have already done together.

Brendan Pagliaro | Sales Associate
I’m looking forward to connecting with so many of our partners that I haven’t had a chance to meet face to face. Being able to pick our partners’ brains in a fun and friendly environment offers a valuable point of view. For me, understanding people’s perceptions of Jebbit and our platform from the outside is something I’m really excited about.

Leo Meira | Software Engineer
I’m looking forward to meeting the clients we work with on daily basis. It’s really exciting to see clients reach their goals and have a great relationship with Jebbit. I’m also interested to see the interactions between clients and what they learn from each other (such as types of experiences and cases they use.)

Adam Whitfield | Director of Accounts & Strategy
I’m excited for our clients to learn more about Jebbit’s versatility.  One of the things that drew me to the company was the myriad ways in which one could utilize the product – from education and engagement to profiling and segmentation.  What we produce is only restricted by the collective creativity of Jebbit and our clients. I’m also excited for our clients to receive a sneak peak of our future Jebbit vision. There are some amazing things on the horizon and we hope our clients walk away from the conference excited about the future of Jebbit. 

… And there you have it! A sneak peak into what we can’t wait for! More exciting details regarding the event will be revealed as the date gets closer, and if you haven’t already, check out the awesome speakers we have lined up.

Published March 27, 2017

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