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April 8, 2022

New Feature Release: Custom Domains

Vice President, Content & Partner Marketing

That's right, Jebbit now empowers paid clients to create their own custom domains (URLs) right from Jebbit’s Zero-Party Data Platform.

Why does this matter?

White labeling Jebbit quiz / experience launch links is something that enterprise clients care about. If the quizzes and experiences that our clients create look and feel like “their brand” - so should their domain URLs.

Here’s the top-3 reasons that make the Custom Domains feature epic:
  1. Clients get to white label their Jebbit Launch URL so that any launch link is on-brand and adherent to any and all brand guidelines.
  2. Because clients own this domain, they can implement first-party cookies for tracking and segmentation. This is key because as third-party cookies face their demise, first-party cookies reign supreme.
  3. Clients can also now easily optimize against Jebbit events on Facebook because the custom domains will be owned and verified by our clients.

So what used to require additional support from Jebbit’s world-class Solutions Engineering team, can now be done directly in the Jebbit platform by end users…in mere minutes!

If you already have a paid Jebbit Business Account, check out this Knowledge Base Article to learn more about how you can start taking advantage of Custom Domains today!

Interested and want to learn more? Schedule a strategy call with a Jebbit expert today!

Vice President, Content & Partner Marketing

Jebbit "OG" and Content Enthusiast

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