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Case Study
January 20, 2022

Cocktails and Conversations Ft. Evenflo

On this episode, Pam Erlichman, our CMO, dives in with Josh Reed, The Director of Digital Demand at Evenflo, over some lovely cocktails and even better conversation about the new eCommerce stack.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

The Changes and Evolution of Ecommerce

After the world was slammed with the pandemic, companies found themselves scrambling for a new marketing strategy. It's no secret that the future is digital, the pandemic accelerated this when consumers started to stay home and shop from the comfort of their homes. This forced Evenflo, along with thousands of other companies, to do some reinventing of their digital marketing infrastructure. The goal was to figure out how to get to where they needed to be, and how they would put those steps into place for more productivity over time.

The Power of Testing and Learning Shopify

Once Evenflo migrated over to Shopify, they immediately saw their dip in traffic and productivity decrease.

"Shopify brought the ability with their application model to take and plug and play with a lot of different things, we turned off so many things where we were manually having to send out CSV files in order to enable advertising, we can now do all of that with Shopify."

Josh Reed is loving Shopify but he is still brainstorming how the company can add engaging functions over time to keep their audience entertained throughout the year.

The Value of Consumer Engagement, Better Experiences, and Product Personalization

In order to start customers off on their Evenflo journey, knowing a little more about their needs is a necessity. Instead of assuming information about customers, Evenflo found that Jebbit let their audience tell them exactly who they are and what they need. Jebbit gives people a couple of options that are catered to their credentials, this is done by the use of Jebbit's Product Selector. Evenflo found that Jebbit was the magic touch they needed to minimize opt out rates, keep people engaged and nurtured all year around. The more data that was uncovered about their customers, the more they were able to apply it to optimize their strategy. Instead of building something from the ground up, they let Jebbit do all of the work for them; watching their conversion rate skyrocket and return rate plummet.

The Importance of Declared Data, Understanding Signals and Thoughtful Remarketing

When consumes are faced with having to make decisions after decision, it is inevitable that 'decision fatigue' will creep up on them. After having to make several choices, it might start to become a blur as to what's really the right decision to make. Evenflo has found that the Parenting Style Quiz is helping eliminate this problem that customers often face.

In reality, there truly is no way to know if someone is expecting a baby in the near future. This is just one of the many examples as to why it's crucial for marketers to capture Declared Data, you need someone to tell you this information. After all, who wouldn't want to strengthen their relationship with their audience? Being able to know them well enough to provide them with tips and beneficial information will lead to a very happy customer and a very successful conversion rate. This will also allow you to send personalized and relevant products, offers, content, etc.

Looking Into 2022 With Evenflo

As the new year is settling in, Evenflo is orchestrating strategies with the inspiration they have gained from Jebbit. As of now, they know that leveraging the data they capture, including Declared Data, will be an ultimate key to success. Especially as Google's elimination of Third Party cookies is in the near future.

Evenflo will continue to coalesce several data signals from across the company and use the tools they have put into place. If 2022 had to be summed up for Evenflo in a couple of words, it would look something like: Optimize, keep testing, keep learning, optimize, repeat! Stay tuned to see what else Evenflo has in store for the new year and how they plan to capitalize on this winning formula.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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