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June 6, 2016

City Chic Selects Jebbit as Interactive Content Partner to Drive eCommerce Conversions

City Chic chooses Jebbit as its interactive content partner to drive eCommerce conversions in its expansion to the United States.

Kaitlyn Kirkaldy

City Chic, Australia’s largest retailer of plus size fashion, recently partnered with Jebbit to create interactive content to engage, convert, and profile shoppers.

City Chic will use Jebbit’s platform to create marketing disruption which will increase conversion, user interaction and engagement, and promote the overall brand experience through Jebbit technology, including interactive lookbooks, style quizzes and other opportunities. City Chic also found Jebbit’s profiling capabilities and customizable content templates to be valuable as City Chic continues to expand its market reach in the U.S. at

“Jebbit’s technology allows brands to engage their online customers through a variety of interesting and proprietary opportunities. The City Chic woman wants a customized and personal shopping and brand experience. Unlike our competitors, City Chic can offer that experience through innovative technology such as Jebbit,” said Jay Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer at Chief Outsiders, the consulting firm in charge of marketing for City Chic USA.

Media Contact:

Kaitlyn Kirkaldy

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