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Boden Drives 50% More Conversions with Declared Data

By capturing declared data on buyer intent, Boden created Facebook custom audiences to drive mobile conversions through remarketing.

The Challenge

Launched in 1991 by founder and Creative Director Johnnie Boden, the British catalogue and online retailer sells a variety of clothing and accessories. However, driving mobile conversations from today’s on-the-go shopper consistently posed a challenge.

Previously, the Boden team remarketed on Facebook based on items viewed and transaction history. None of these activities, however, drove mobile purchases at the rate the team wanted.

Boden knew that in order to market beyond transactional and behavioral data, they needed to capture buyer intent and style preferences.

The Solution

Boden’s marketing team launched a mobile lookbook Jebbit experience showcasing a new children’s clothing line. The lookbook ended in declared data capture, asking each shopper about their favorite piece.

Through direct conversations with customers, Boden was able to capture first-party data, at scale, and activate shopper preferences for a remarketing campaign.

Boden then created custom and lookalike Facebook audiences using the declared data segments, tailoring the creative, messaging, and clothes offerings for each one.

The Results

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