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Case Study
June 9, 2022

Professional Employer Organization Drives Lift Across Multiple Business Objectives by Enhancing Their Consumer Experiences

A leading professional employer organization, or PEO, wanted to revamp the process and tools used by their internal teams to refer new clients.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

Prior to using the Jebbit Platform, the referral program provided payouts to the employees that referred businesses using a provided form that was populated with the relevant information needed to properly qualify the referrals. The problem was that the form submission process was extensive and tedious. Furthermore, once the referral was received, reviewers then had to conduct an arduous evaluation to effectively determine whether or not the candidates were qualified.  

Using Jebbit, this industry-leading PEO was able to drastically enhance their internal referral qualification experience and subsequently, the qualification process as a whole for all parties. As users progressed through the new referral experience, powered by Jebbit, the experience told users, in-the-moment, if their candidate was not qualified and why - resulting in a more engaging and enjoyable assessment versus a lengthy form-fill process.

Inspired by the internal referral solution they developed, the PEO expanded their Jebbit scope and focused on building a new, external solution for prospective customers that was more interactive and then help the prospects identify two key areas:

  1. Whether or not the PEO’s products and services were the right fit to meet their needs.
  2. WHY they were the right fit.

By evolving and optimizing their strategy to roll out this PEO Jebbit experience, the organization can articulate their PEO solution’s value in an engaging, relevant manner.

As for the results Jebbit drove, the numbers don’t lie: before Jebbit, the PEO saw averages of:

  • 6 net-new leads from content downloads per week.
  • 1 meeting set (i.e., converted leads) per week.
  • 1 “won” deals per month.

And with Jebbit powering their experiences, the PEO now sees averages of:

  • 16 net-new leads from content downloads per week.
  • 6 meetings set (i.e., converted leads) per week.
  • 5 “won” deals per week.

The conversion and effectiveness of qualified leads, enriched with zero-party data (referred to as automated data points by the PEO) using Jebbit versus traditional lead capture / form-fill methods is evident by their lift in conversion rates: up from 30% to now 37%! 

“Jebbit is extremely easy and enjoyable to work with, as is evident by how responsive the team is. They are not only responsive, but provide strategic guidance to help us get into market FAST and make optimizations to our live experiences. Coupled with the fact that Jebbit offers chat support whenever we need it right in the platform, both the software and team are key and core to helping us to achieve and exceed our key business objectives.” 

If you’re ready to increase engagement, drive more conversions, and capture qualified leads - then CLICK HERE and schedule a strategy call with a Jebbit expert today!

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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