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March 1, 2023

4 of Our FAVORITE Jebbit Experiences This Month

Experience of the Week: February Roundup

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

Are you ready to create an awesome eCommerce quiz that will engage your customers and boost your sales BUT need some inspiration before getting started? We'll, we’re giving you just that! In our previous blog posts, we discussed what questions to ask, examples of different features to include, and how to make a quiz that converts. But this time, we're taking a different approach and sharing our favorite eCommerce quizzes that we highlighted this month as our “Experience of the Week”, with all the reasons why we love them! 

From stunning designs to seamless flow, these quizzes are sure to inspire you. And the best part? They're not just great to look at - they also ask insightful questions to help you improve your marketing strategy. So get ready to be inspired and take your eCommerce game to the next level! 

Let’s take a look at all of the highlighted experiences from this past month. Starting with:

  1. The Home Edit’s Personality Quiz.

The Home Edit is a home organization company, combining form and function with meticulous attention to detail. 

The Home Edit's personality quiz consists of a series of questions that are designed to help users identify their unique personality and which founder of the company they resemble most. The quiz asks questions about users' preferences for colors, patterns, as well as their habits and lifestyle preferences.

“Is your house full of color or black and white? Is your favorite activity house hunting or escape rooms?”

At the end of the quiz, you have the option to stay up-to-date on all things in The Home Edit world!

Ready to give it a go? We thought so! 

  1. Bacardi’s Product Match Quiz.

Looking for a fun way to find your perfect Bacardi drink? Look no further than the Bacardi Product Match quiz! Our team is loving how Bacardi uses Jebbit’s companion feature to help users discover the Bacardi beverage that matches their unique taste and style for the occasion. 

Whether you're looking for a refreshing cocktail for a night out with friends, a sophisticated drink to impress your date, or a gift to bring to a party, Bacardi has got you covered. 

With this fun and interactive quiz, you're sure to discover a delicious Bacardi drink that you or a friend will love depending on who you’re shopping for. Cheers! 

  1. Freixenet Mionetto’s Product Match Quiz.

February is the month to celebrate love, Freixenet took FULL advantage of that making it easy for their users to shop for a Valentine's Day gift with their product match quiz!

Freixenet Mionetto has the perfect solution for you if you’re a Rosé lover on the hunt for a bottle that fits your vibe. Tell them a little bit about yourself, what your ideal date night is, your relationship status, etc, then receive a personalized bottle of wine that will be sure to fulfill all of your Rosé dreams. 

This quiz is elegant, seamless, and beautiful. We couldn’t help but highlight it for Valentine’s Day! 

Find out which Rosé type you are with Freixenet Mionetto’s personalized gift finder!

  1. Bluestem’s Product Match Quiz.

In honor of February being Dental Health Month, we highlighted Bluestem’s product match quiz that even includes live polling for a fun, educational approach.

Blue Stem’s Jebbit product match quiz provides insights to see how often others are cleaning their dogs teeth, where people usually purchase their dogs oral care products, and some awesome product recommendations that will keep your pet's teeth sparkly and clean! 

The live polling is an elevated touch to make those conversion rates even higher, lead capture even stronger and will leave your customers feeling educated about their pet’s oral care. 

At the end of this quiz, you also have the option to receive exclusive emails to receive early access to new product launches, oral care tips and more!

What Will Your Personalized Quiz Look Like?

Want to spice up your eCommerce game in 2023? Well, how about adding some quiz-tastic fun to it? We believe that quizzes are not just fun and games but also a great way to boost your revenue, get to know your customers better by collecting zero-party data, and display ads across the internet even after users leave your site. That's why we're here to help you design your own Jebbit experience with the help of our experts. Trust us, the eCommerce quiz is one mighty weapon in your arsenal that you wouldn't want to miss in 2023! So, let's make it happen by chatting with us today. 

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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Jebbit Grid Decorative
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