lessons from successful entrepreneurs

3 Essential Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs

Becoming an entrepreneur is what many people dream of, but most are scared to take that leap of faith. Here are tips from successful entrepreneurs on how they have helped their businesses thrive and how you can become the next-best entrepreneur.

The Importance of Self-Branding

Named “Boston’s Hottest Startup,” Jebbit, a venture-backed marketing technology company, created the No. 1 Post-Click Marketing platform nearly five years ago. Founder Tom Coburn and Co-Founder Jonathan Lacoste have relied on self-branding to promote the success of Jebbit.

Both have been listed on Forbes’s 30 Under 30 and Boston Globe’s 25 Under 25. Lacoste was recently named Emerging Executive of the Year, appeared on CNBC and makes regular contributions to Inc. Magazine. Coburn and Lacoste’s accomplishments and appearances have put Jebbit at the forefront of conversations. Their appearances and accolades not only speak to their entrepreneurship, but the professionalism and growth of Jebbit. Often, people prefer to buy into other people, and with a track record of positive self-branding, Jebbit never misses a sale.

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