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June 6, 2018

11 Stats that Show the Power of Declared Data in Marketing

We’ve put together 11 stats that show the power of declared data in marketing and why once brands start using a declared data strategy, they don’t turn back.

Maud Rodamar

So you know what declared data is (if not, time to brush up on it here), but you’re not sold. Can it really make that much of a difference? What do I do with the declared data I collect- wait, how do I even collect it?

The statistics and use cases speak for themselves.

Declared data has a ton of use cases that have proven success for brands time and time again. Our top use cases include: Qualified lead generation, relevant remarketing, audience building and profiling, and omnichannel personalized marketing (for a deep dive into each of these, check out our Declared Data Playbook).

Brands are collecting and activating declared data in more innovative ways every day and raking in outstanding results. We’ve put together 11 stats that show the power of declared data in marketing and why once brands start using a declared data strategy, they don’t turn back. Take a look at just a few of these amazing results using declared data-powered marketing.

1) 121% increase in conversions for PAID subscriptions

Using readers’ declared data, The Boston Globe powered relevant remarketing via Facebook custom audiences. This Jebbit experience allowed them to isolate their three most-engaged reader cohorts, and show subscription offers based on the reader’s expressed, declared data interests- driving that huge 121% increase in conversions.

2) 9X email click through rate and 2.5X increase in lead capture

By capturing declared data on traveler preferences, Regent Seven Seas Cruises executed a personalized email campaign in which they personalized the email subject line, copy and offer. They saw 2X increase in open rates, 9X increase in email click-through rates and 2.5X increase in lead capture.

3) 3X higher lead capture rate

Using a Jebbit experience on social, the Houston Rockets saw a 3X higher lead capture rate, making it their most successful promotion of the year!

4) 10X return on ad spend, 33% increase in cart size, with 50% more conversions

Using Jebbit custom audiences, powered by declared data Boden launched a Jebbit-powered mini lookbook allowing customers to explore their new clothing and indicate their preferences after perusing it. Boden saw 10X return on ad spend, a 33% increase in cart size and 50% increase in conversions, which are purchases.

5) 80% engagement rate, 92% completion rate, 51% lead capture rate

Using a personalized trigger email after that high performing experience, Visit North Carolina not only saw the above, but also a 44% unique open rate and a 18% unique click rate, which outperformed their typical email benchmarks by over 2X.

6) 67% declared data qualified lead capture rate

Through Jebbit powered experiences via email, Cathay Pacific was able to reach a qualified lead capture rate of 67%.

7) 1233% increase (yep, you read that right) in lead generation and 70% content completion

A sports broadcaster ran a Jebbit experience during specific national league sports games, which ended with a trigger email, via paid social distribution, and saw the outstanding results above.

8) 76% user engagement and 93% completion rate

One online retailer placed a Jebbit experience on their home page and saw 76% user engagement and 93% completion rate.

9) 81% engagement rate and 87% completion rate

Vantage Travel launched an experience for users to find out what type of traveler they are and they saw their best engagement and completion rates yet.

10) 2.5X increase in open rate, 12X increase in click through rate

Visit North Carolina sent a Jebbit experience to their database that revealed to the users which type of vacation they’d most enjoy. Afterward, they sent an email based on the vacation type and saw a 2.5X increase in email open rate and a 12.5X increase in email click rate.

11) $20 decrease in CPA, 150K new emails in one campaign


A subscription snack box company uses Jebbit to determine the snack preferences of potential subscribers, ensuring it only shows the most relevant snack box offers. Doing so they saw a $20 decrease in cost per acquisition compared to their standard landing pages and an astounding 150K new emails in one campaign.

Are you sold yet? Check out the Declared Data Playbook to see how you can get started with your own declared data strategy to see results like these roll in.

Maud Rodamar

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