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When it comes to evaluating new software, you shouldn't have to guess what it's going to do for your business.

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More than 14 million people across 200,000 companies choose Jebbit
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Why did we create our own interactive ROI calculator? 

We believe that the foundation of any genuine, meaningful relationship requires transparency, trust, and the exchange of value. Our company culture, software and strategy were built on this foundation and it's exactly why we used Jebbit to build ROI: The Interactive ROI Calculator.

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Easily create quizzes and interactive content

Your audience deserves more than just information delivered to them. They want engaging content that helps shape their worldview and empower personal decisions - which is why Jebbit exists. Our services equip you with real value-driven solutions created specially tailored towards modern marketing techniques & technologies so each party involved gets what matters most: interactivity between customer/audience members who are empowered by knowledge about your brand in order for desired outcomes can be achieved.

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Get insights into your customer's behavior

We are obsessed with enabling our customers to achieve their goals and thrive on transparency because if they're not open or honest about what's happening together, then showing the value that the knows platform can provide will be harder than necessary. We have amazing clients who trust us enough for this kind of collaboration - empowering them to meet critical metrics like KPIs again while exchanging genuine REAL equity along the path towards success!

Do more with less

The pressure to do more with less is real. But we're here for you! We believe in a bottom-line business result that drives growth and profitability. Our hope for each customer interaction starts with one goal: to make them feel confident in their decision as they work towards meeting goals together! Thanks to our uniquely powerful solutions built exclusively by industry experts on performance optimization technology; any budget or size equates to tangible benefits.

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Over 35+ CRM integrations

Integrating with the latest CRM and marketing software is easy when you have integrations that cover over 35 different apps. This way, your zero-party data will be pushed where it can do something useful for meeting goals!

Start delivering value to your customers today!

Get started today or book a demo with a Jebbit team member to find the perfect plan for your business.

What our clients say

"Our big theme is the changes in privacy and cookieless world we're going into in 2022. Our biggest priority we're recommending to all teams in 2021 is to focus on first party data capture. To be honest, we don't really have many partners that are good at first-party data and you guys are at the top of my list for vendors that know how to do this and do this well."

Josh Seff
Director of Team Marketing & Business Operations at NBA

“Since we are in a high consideration industry, the Jebbit product match quiz is instrumental in building trust with our customers by finding the right product for them and then educating them about their specific product. It is a great tool to use on our site and in advertising. We see very high engagement through it.”

Alyssa Warth
VP of Growth at beam CBD

"We're about 90 days into two quizzes with Jebbit and the returns have been a great asset for our business. In the first 30 days after we launched our product recommendation quiz on our homepage, we saw that everyone who participated spent more time, bounced less and converted at a higher rate after answering just a few questions about their life and needs."

Josh Reed
Director, Consumer Demand Generation at Evenflo

“I was studying ways to be less transactional and more relational and came across quizzes on Blissworld and NARS, and that’s how I found Jebbit. It's PERFECT for what we're looking to do.”

Andre L.
VP of Marketing at L'Oréal

“A marketing friend of mine actually recommended Jebbit and said, 'This is the best quiz platform you'll find.’ In the past 2-3 weeks since we've used Jebbit, our email subscriber list has gone from 800 to over 5,000.”

Christina Wolfgram
Founder of Crying Is Cool
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Jebbit makes it easy for you to deliver genuine value to your customers.

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