Jebbit for shopify stores

Jebbit is the no-code quiz and interactive experience software for Shopify stores

  • Drive more sales and conversions with product recommendations
  • Personalize path to purchase without touching a line of code
  • Capture your target audience, enriched with zero-party data

Leading organizations choose Jebbit

Maximize engagement and drive more sales

Jebbit empowers Shopify and Shopify+ merchants to increase lead capture, conversion rates & average order value via interactive quizzes and experiences that are engaging and valuable to the consumer. Integrate with Klaviyo to further personalize the customer journey without touching a line of code.


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Shopify merchants using Jebbit


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Why choose Jebbit for your Shopify store?

We have the most advanced integration with the Shopify ecosystem on the market.

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Launch in minutes with customizable templates

Our simple and intuitive builder has sophisticated logic capabilities. Choose from over 50 pre-built templates to get started quickly.

Meet your customers where they are most engaged

Since Jebbit's experiences can be launched anywhere a URL can be shared, you have unlimited possibilities to launch anywhere. Seriously, anywhere.

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Always in sync with your Shopify store

Instantly populate your products into product recommendations, no-code needed. Jebbit ensures consumers are guided to products that are the best fit for their needs.

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Save time and enhance personalization with Jebbit's Dynamic Product Feed for Shopify

Once you have your products synced from your Shopify store, you can then present personalized product recommendations to a consumer based on their responses to a Jebbit quiz using our Dynamic Product Feed feature. This allows you to pull from dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of products and also only offer items that are currently in stock.

Increase average order value with add to cart functionality

With the Jebbit + Shopify integration, you can present more than one personalized product recommendation to your consumer within a single outcome screen. This functionality also allows consumers to add multiple products to their cart directly from your quiz, a great way for Shopify merchants to increase average order value and conversions.

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Jebbit helps Shopify merchants increase lead capture, drive conversations and increase average order value

Human-first marketing drives results, quizzes prove it. By using quizzes and interactive experiences, you are enabling your customers to share first party data with you. Activating this type of data is the most effective way to know and understand your audience where they are most engaged.

Launch in minutes with customizable templates

A seamless extension of your brand, Embed your Jebbit experience directly into your Shopify store with your store’s branding.

How Beam increased revenue by using Jebbit

Utilizing first party data captured from their Jebbit branded quiz, Beam used Klaviyo to further personalize the user journey. The result? An 87% increase in lead conversion rates.

To further enhance their strategy, Beam tapped into Jebbit’s API integration with Klaviyo. This enabled Beam to send the zero-party data collected from their Jebbit experience directly to Klaviyo to power personalized messages and events based on the information that consumers willingly and explicitly shared with each engagement.

Jebbit seamlessly integrates with your tech stack

Integrate with 35+ powerful apps and platforms—from Salesforce and Marketo to Attentive and Klaviyo—to activate your customer data in a meaningful way. 

Don’t currently see an app you need to integrate with? Request it in-app or chat with our team to see if it can be custom-built for your workflow.

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