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February 28, 2023

Publishers Clearing House Webinar Recap

PCH Consumer Insights: How Industry Leading Engagement Provides the Winning Combination of Accurate Data from Real People.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

Have you ever imagined Publishers Clearing House showing up at your doorstep with a massive check and festive balloons? You're not alone! However, the company offers more than just their well-known sweepstakes - they also possess some of the most comprehensive market research and consumer insights available. As third-party cookies are losing their reliability for consumer packaged goods and retail brands, Publishers Clearing House is transitioning to a first-party data approach. With almost 70 years of being a trusted brand, they have extensive expertise in gathering and utilizing first-party consumer insights. 

In case you missed our webinar with Smriti Sharma, Assistant Vice President, Head of Consumer Insights at Publishers Clearing House and Pam Erlichman, Chief Evangelist Officer at Jebbit, on how to effectively engage a digital audience with experiences that will get results, we’ve recapped it for you through key takeaway clips! 

Check it out:

PCH has been a household name since 1953.

How PCH turns survey data into insights.

Smriti from PCH says that Jebbit has made surveys simple to build.

PCH surveys have a 70% completion rate with Jebbit.

Smriti's advice for conducting an effective survey.

Consumer insights from PCH surveys using Jebbit.

PCH are able to get these insights because of Jebbit.

That’s a wrap! But wait, there’s more. You can view the FULL PCH WEBINAR by clicking right here. 

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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