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Case Study
October 14, 2021

How the NHL Scores Authentic Fan Engagement

New fan acquisition and fan community engagement are key and core to the NHL's marketing success. Learn how they continue to score big using interactive quizzes to engage their dynamic fan base!

Vice President, Content & Partner Marketing

For Major Sports Leagues and teams, acquiring new fans is no easy feat. Not to mention, existing fans are often already invested in the sport itself and loyal to their favorite team or player(s).

Chalk the last part up under the good problems to have category but what about new fans? Or, fans that may not fit the “traditional hockey fan” profile?

As fate would have it, we had the chance to sit down with Alyssa Musto, Sr. Manager of Customer Acquisition at the NHL  and learn more about how the National Hockey League leverages interactive quizzes and experiences to create an inclusive environment where anyone and everyone can participate.

Not only do the NHL’s top-shelf methods boost overall fan engagement, they’re consistently able to acquire net-new fans – and plenty of fan-declared, first-party data to make every new fan’s experience personalized and relevant from day one!

But don’t take it from us, take it from the NHL and tune into our on-demand webinar where you’ll learn more about:

  • Why quizzes are a game-changer for customer acquisition (said another way: qualified customer acquisition)
  • How to drive authentic engagement and provide value without relying on incentives
  • Tips on content planning, adopting a ‘Test & Learn’ mindset, and the power of engaging creative to power your quizzes and experiences

Vice President, Content & Partner Marketing

Jebbit "OG" and Content Enthusiast

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