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December 22, 2022

Jebbit Features - Year in Review

Over this last year, we’ve had thousands of experiences launched, over 20k platform users, 1+ billion zero party data points collected, almost 1k integrations activated. We have also added several new features over the course of this year that improve the user experience. From new elements to design tools and more – we're continuously working to make our products more efficient and easier to use.

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

These new, powerful features make your Jebbit experiences engaging, personalized and set brands up for success. Let's take a look at some of the key areas of the platform we have enhanced.

New Elements & Question Types:

In 2022 we introduced a number of new elements and question types to help you execute against creative strategies and use cases.

To make things simple, we’ve curated a list of our persistent elements and question types that we launched in the past year. Starting off with… 

  • The Back Button. The back button enables the end consumer to go back and forth to retake areas of the experience while the progress bar keeps you informed on how far along you are in your journey.
  • The Progress Bar. The progress bar indicates to your audience how far along they are within one of your experiences.
  • The Restart element. If you wish to retake the experience all together, you’ll love this new feature.
  •  Stack Rank and Multiple choice. Stack Rank lets you rank the order of certain items such as asking a consumer to rank the importance in their decision making process to buy a new car. You can also see the avg rank for each answer within Question Analytics. Multiple choice questions are exactly what they sound like and can be used in a whole host of experience types from quizzes to surveys.

Enhanced Gating Features:

Lets shift gears to enabling control around gating your content by age

If you’re an alcohol brand and are putting on an event for people 18+, or your target market is of a certain age group, you have a number of new features at your disposal. 

With the ‘Date of Birth’ elements in the Jebbit platform, you can now:

  • Branch outcomes based on age to display different content.
  • Prevent a user under the age limit all together from continuing to progress throughout the experience.
  • Let the user continue to progress, but not collect any personal identifiable information if they are under the age limit.

Design Tools & Functional Improvements:

The customization and control of the experiences is why the world's largest brand continues to flock to the Jebbit platform. Let's get into the nitty gritty for the power users out there. 

You may have noticed, but you are now able to add multiple logos and control their positioning. For all those brands looking to capture leads and other information in a form you can control where the fields are placed such as adding them side by side.

One of Jebbit’s most popular features is our Overlay Responses. When building experiences you can share facts, knowledge or even poll results with your users in different ways using “Overlay Responses”.

This year, we added several new design controls to this feature set which are now becoming the norm whether you’re running trivia or just want a more engaging experience in a quiz.

One of the better performing layouts are creating screens with a modal (very common for intro screens). 

Copy and Paste Function: 

To make all the customization as efficient as possible, you are now able to copy and paste just about anything: Elements, buttons, containers, etc. Copy and paste works within one screen, across multiple screens and across experiences. Heck, copy an entire screen into another experience. 

For large enterprise brands with many Jebbit accounts, want to get really crazy? You can now copy your brand design, attributes, your media library and your experiences across brands!


There have never been SO many ways to deploy your Jebbit experience. And while we’re at it, how about the new and improved launch page. Let's talk about two entirely new ways to deploy along with some enhancements we’ve made to Companion.


The Jebbit Quizbot is a new experience type, which can be deployed in any channel including within the Jebbit companion (to mimic an onsite chatbot). The Quizbot gives you all the advanced tools of the Jebbit experience while looking like a chatbot. Whether you’re looking to direct users to the right spot on your site, or answer some FAQs, it’s a great option to engage your consumers. 


The Jebbit Lightbox is the artist formerly known as a popup. A great way to collect zero party data while also capturing an email address on your site. 

There were a ton of new functionality added such as exit intent, scroll depth, delay of appearance, etc. We strongly recommend eCommerce brands to consolidate the way you execute digital experiences on-site with our Lightbox, whether just arriving at the site, a targeted education opportunity or a post-purchase survey.


Lastly, the Jebbit Companion is flying off the shelves. Let's start with the new ability to control the size and placement of your companion. Whether you want it in the bottom right or to compliment your existing chatbot in the bottom left, you decide! Like the Lightbox, you can control the scroll depth, how often to display the companion and seamlessly convert Companion experiences into standard Jebbit experiences. 

And of course, you can view performance on all the pages the Companion launches on. 


Lastly, our beloved Hotspots feature. The fans are even shooting music videos about it. Hotspots enable you to place a variation of circles (you choose the look and feel) on your imagery. Whether you have a group of images on an uploaded photo or a background image, you can let the consumer find out more information about each product on a page by popping up the hotspot as descriptive text or a modal.

Everything in the Jebbit platform is ADA compliant.

Personalization Suite & Quiz Commerce:

In 2022 we made deep investments in automation, the personalization of the Jebbit experience and the custom experience of the recommendation screens. These are essential tools to give brands the controls along with the look and feel they need to get the right results in front of their audience to drive sales. 

Let’s take a look.

No matter how long your product catalog is, it’s never been easier to scale your quiz commerce solution on the Jebbit platform. We have built out of the box automated product syncs with platforms like Shopify. In fact, the dynamic product feed is platform agnostic. You can now automate your product catalog with the dynamic product feed API. The automation will help you keep your products up-to-date in the Jebbit platform. 

Less is more when it comes to recommending products, campaigns with 6 or less products displayed a 34% click through rate. Meanwhile, campaigns with 6 or more products displayed a 29% click through rate. The Dynamic Product Feed gives you the ability to easily recommend less products, but the right products. 

We introduced two types of dynamic text. Dynamic Text Responses enables you to take a response and dynamically insert it later in the experience. You can also insert information directly from a query parameter if a brand has information about the user from outside of Jebbit. These features can be used to personalize the message throughout the experience. 

  1. CLICK HERE to take a deeper look at Jebbit’s suite of personalization options on the platform.

Product Carousel as a Layout:

On the customer experience front, we added a product carousel as a layout option to make your product recommendations work with product outcomes and the product feed. Believe it or not, experiences that leverage the product carousel feature have a 39% click through rate, while grid and stacked has a 28% click through rate.

You can choose to add multiple carousels if you have different product categories. Whether you are representing your recommendations in a carousel, a grid or a stacked view you now have a number of new features to make the formatting look very clean. You can control whether to show button CTAs to redirect to the right product or remove them entirely if you prefer less Call to actions. You can also control how much text to show before truncating and ensure when you do have buttons they align evenly no matter how much dynamic text is populated next to each product.

The last step of the consumer experience after the right products are offered to you in a pleasing and on-brand manner is adding the products to cart. Whether you are using Shopify or BigCommerce you can add your items directly to cart. You have the choice to let the user add 1 product, multiple products or all products with one click of a  button.

Integrations & Automation:

We can’t end the year without talking about the advancements made on the integrations front. Over 80% of Jebbit customers are passing their zero party data into their tech stack, so we have continued to expand the number of out of the box integrations we have (currently over 70), while making it easy to customize your integrations.

We have introduced new self-serve integrations such as Klaviyo, Attentive and the ability to pass your contacts to Shopify. You can also pass your Facebook events directly to the Facebook conversion API (in addition to leveraging Facebook pixels). This is a secure way to pass your Jebbit data into Facebook while evading ad blockers and other browser limitations.

We have also created an Integrations API if you wish to integrate with Jebbit and pull your session and attribute data programmatically on-demand.

Lastly, you can now automate scheduled reports yourself from the Jebbit Report Center. You can schedule your question, attribute or lead reports to a set of email addresses or an SFTP to automate into your system of choice.

Looking Ahead

That’s a wrap! If you’re interested in learning more about the 2023 product roadmap and want to give the product team your feedback, feel free to send us your information and we’ll set up a time. 

CLICK HERE to chat with a Jebbit expert! 

Jenna Galletti
Content Marketing Specialist

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